Me and the Ponies in My Life

Without the Horses in My Life, I Wouldn't Be Me

In case you didn't know I have finally past my early/mid twenties. I'm a Leo (go me) and apparently a Fire sign, kudos if this means anything to you. All my life I've been mentally an introvert but I make up for it in being loud and obnoxious which can occasionally be a fault. I have a little bit too much energy for the people I see daily, and have been described as a shaken Coke bottle, dare to unscrew the cap! Normally I'd rather be a hermit and hang out with the horses all day with the dog, but the few people I've met in my recent years have completely changed that (you know who you are).

Lucky Six Four

This is where it all started.
Lucky Six Four, an OTTB picked out of a field just for me.
14 year old, green rider, just learning to canter... Perfect match.

And we so totally were.
Unfortunately not much is documented but he was my love.
My life.

I lost him in August of 2011.
Hardest day of my life.

He will always be the one thing that got me through.


Too soon to get a new horse.
But I was broken.
So was he.
Both untouched, unloved, untrusting.
 We've built something no one said we could.
Done things know one said we would.

This horse has become more than 
anything I could've hoped for.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for the two of us and the with the support system we have gained over the last few years, I know the sky is the limit.
Well my riding... My riding will be the limit.


Genuine Dun It

I stopped riding for a while until the dude came into my life. A customer walked in looking for someone to work him and I jumped on it right away.

First ride was rough as he tried to crow hop and lose me in the woods while riding with her husband, but from the moment he realized he wasn't going to get away with that... We stuck.

We had a lot of a fun but life happened and I adopted Brantley. Kid moved on.

He's now at a training barn reining and becoming a really awesome pony.

I couldn't be happier for him but we do stay in touch and I still hop on for a quick jaunt here and there.

Pippy Long Stockin'

Oh Pretty...
Chestnut Arabian mare.
Must I say more?

Owner said, "I'll lunge you on her first..."
That never happened.
I went from walking her around the ring to jumping her on the second ride.

This little girl helped me find my confidence again.
My love for learning, my love for training.

We had some amazing adventures together.

Her owner bought her own little barn and she now living the life of a furry, wild brumby.

Hopefully we will once again be able to build more memories together!



Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.
An OTTB with one hell of a motor once owned by my best friend Kate.

She helped me find my love for Thoroughbreds and trouble shooting again.

With her new owner she is going to take the eventing world by storm... Or jumpers. She's a winner either way!

There are many horses that came before and many horses that will come after...
But these are who have brought me to the point where I am today.
I will always be thankful for the opportunities that have and will be given to me.
Especially those that will make me a better horseman.

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