Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Cleaning *UPDATE*

Ha! "Spring cleaning". I really meant "Spring Injuries"

I've been working my little butt off to build up a savings for pony adventures and it's been paying off for sure. But unfortunately in return, scratched cornea and another super fun back injury. Because you know, I have to keep life interesting outside of work. That was only in the last 4 days. But I looked super sexy in my cataract sunglasses, that's for sure.

I also finally had that experience we all dream about a few weeks ago... You know... That decision you make when you're alone in the woods and a dog decides to run across a pond onto the ice and falls through? Yeah... That happened. On a negative degree wind chill day. Luckily my mom lives 5 minutes from the park so after a quick swim and a 15-20 minute walk back to my car, all was okay.

Of course it wasn't this guy... It was a client's dog.

This month has left me a bit empty but knowing that the insanity of pet-sitting life has finally slowed down, I can focus on Brantley again and our goals. Although my back is still a bit f'd up, I couldn't miss the chance to ride with Niall, so with a ton of ibuprofen and a IcyHot Lidocaine patch on board, we had a super awesome ride and will have another on Friday.

I hadn't ridden in 4-5 days so he was a bit fresh but we got focused on the long line and had no problem at the block. He did have a couple spook-scoots but after a quick zoom around the arena he quieted down and was ready to work for sure. We worked on keeping him up straight around the corner and down the rail. Something oddly enough we have a hard time with. If we're not on the trail, he tends to wander... like a drunk. I'm so used to pointing his nose to the inside and asking him to move off my leg so today was definitely a lesson for both of us.

Instead of asking for a tip his nose and bend in his neck first, I used the outside rein to stop movement of his outside shoulder and then move off my leg. Simple concept... Difficult when you've been doing something completely different since the beginning. But he got it. We both did. And he felt great. Even gave me a nice working jog, yielding around the corners, and keeping himself straight down the rail. Straightness? Softness? I'll take it!

We also got to flash our new bonnet today from F.U.N Bonnets (For 'Ur Nag) who did an absolutely beautiful job. It fits perfect!

We also made forever needed purchase of a browband for our western bridle from Highland Browbands. Someone has a giant forehead. 

Work hard, play hard, and buy pretty things for your pony.

Here's a video:


  1. That pond thing is terrifying. I'm glad you're okay. The browband is gorgeous.

  2. scary about the ice and sorry about your eye / back stuff, but glad all else is going well!

  3. Yikes that ice thing is scary! I am glad that you are both okay!


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