Friday, July 26, 2013


So no bit this morning. I was going to tack him right up and then decided well, let me ride him in the side pull first since we haven't done more than walk on the trails the last two days. Good idea! We had a few more yahoo's like on Monday and he just wanted to race around like a barrel horse. Fine then! Run b*tch run! Days like this I really wish that I had a round pen I could just let him go in. He cuts his corners and occasionally bombs of the rail when he rushes like that. I just hold the horn and let him rip. I don't think he bucked or bunny hopped or anything. It felt more of a hind end lead change. I really wanted him to drop his head but I wanted him to do it on his own. He finally cooled off a little so we did some trotting/circle exercises and he finally relaxed and dropped his head. I knew there was more I could do in that one session and I really should've taken the time and done it. I'm starting to get the want to just ride ride ride that I even want to go back to night and keep working him. I'll start again tomorrow.

We'll try again tomorrow! I'm very happy with myself that I didn't give up and I pushed him through it this morning. He wanted to jump and run,  I just grabbed the horn and kept him going in one direction. Unfortunately I really needed to move the standards and ground poles that were down because he uses it as a block and I'm worried that he'll try to jump it. If it wasn't a huge pile I'd say "fuck it" and let him do it. My confidence is really getting back to where it used to be and it's really great. I feel better, I'm riding better, and I'm training better.

L is leaving on Sunday morning and I'll be honest, it sucks and I am sad. It will just push me more to travel so I can go visit her! Good pony friends are really hard to find and I really think that I've finally got a good group going and I really want to do what I can to keep it going. We have a new horse coming, his name is Rowdy and he's a 20-30 year old Quarter Horse. I'd love to tell you how old he actually is but being 30... He looks 15. We'll see how it goes under saddle but I've heard he's great and an awesome trail horse. I'm really excited to have him come. It will give K a horse to come adventure with and it will be good for Brantley to have a friend to ride with out on the trail. Confidence my friend, confidence. Can't wait to see Lulu come back though! Plus... I really need to get back on that rollie pollie little arab... She's getting a little too spastic.

I think the reason why I haven't been riding her is the same reason I stopped riding Kid... She's leaving and I've really built a relationship with her. It took me 2-3 weeks worth of riding to get her going the last couple times I started her but this past time, it was 2 days and we were back on the trails and jumping in the x-country course. Who says you can't ride 3-4 horses per day. At least they'll all be at the same barn this time!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trail Rides

So we made it... 2 trail rides down, this 100 day ride challenge is definitely going to happen. Yesterday I went out with Charlie and Lauren. I was going to start B in the bit but L smiled and said, "trail ride?" and because of the circumstances and having less and less time with them, I said, "FUCK YEAH!" I mounted on the trail and off we went. Bugs weren't as bad as I thought they could have been, but there were definitely a nuisance.

We made it to the bridges and I worked on a few new techniques I've been trying to refresh in my head. Took Brantley a few tries but he finally walked up and put his nose to it, I didn't want Charlie to get too antsy while waiting so after I got him to approach the bridge, I dismounted and walked him across (something we've done over and over again). If I can make sure he's calm 10 feet away from something scary, he's going to be calm walking closer and walking over. As long as he was moving, back, forward, side to side, I kept his nose pointed to the bridge. I only asked him to walk forward when he stopped moving and when he made a step I'd keep his nose forward and let him move where he wanted. When I went over the bridge today he remembered and it took him a few tries and seeing Mason on the other side (my little brother rode his bike), but over he went.

It was really nice to talk ponies with L as we made our way to the boat ramp with our 6 year old crazies. The more and more we talked I felt the more relaxed the four of us were. Brantley went right into the water without a flinch. He loved it which I remembered from last summer. Charlie was a little hesitant but with his new bff, inch by inch he wade up to at least his ankles. Then he got brave and stuck his entire nose down to his noseband straight in the water. We made it home in one piece, both boys walked over the bridges like gentleman and B tried to jog home. I would've loved to let him trot but I'd like to get a few more calm 'n cool rides before I start galavanting like I'd like to. I just need to strap on by cowgirl boots and ride the beast. My confidence is getting better but once you have that one fall... It's the fall that changes everything.

We'll keep it in the ring tomorrow... Definitely putting the bit in his mouth. A few different exercises to try but he's getting more relaxed and more supple. I'm so happy. I have to keep remembering everything that I did with him before the few weeks he spent at Cherry Croft. I couldn't have done it without CB and the Cherry Croft crew, but he had to get the building blocks somewhere and I know he wasn't perfect and I know I don't know half of what they know but I really worked hard to get him to be the horse that he is. Calm, cool, smart, thinking, sweet, trusting... If he didn't trust me, I wouldn't have sent him away. Just have to keep remembering I did something right.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

So Bad but So Good

I've been so bad about posting lately... And reading! Missed out on so much of my pony friends' lives and adventures but I can't say I haven't been wrapped up in my own.

Raced Ms. Gigi again, it was great. We got to lope around the barrels this time so I was asked to wear a helmet. Made a bunch of new friends and honestly I can't wait to go again. Gigi was so good that Bonnie will probably ride her at the next one which I'll be happy to see. Maybe... Just maybe I can bring Brantley.

Things w B are going very well, we've been riding outside and even had a couple of celebrity rides by Lauren and Emma. He really likes Emma so hopefully I'll be able to get her out again, I know she's definitely willing. We have a whole new set up that I bought from Tiffany's Braided Tack. She customizes paracord tack and let me tell you, I love it. I bought a new one ear headstall in his colors that has a removable ear piece to make it a simple headstall. It fits perfectly with the side pull I bought a while ago that we're having great luck with. With the headstall, she also sent me some really nice clip on loop reins that I love. I had a couple comments about how they're thin (used them at the barrel race) but I like them because they make you release the pressure faster. I'm comfortable with them, that's what counts. He's working really well in the set up but I'm eager to start working him with the bit. I put together my Clinton Anderson slobber strap mecate set up, sized him up, made him flex a few times. He seemed pretty comfortable. I'll take advantage of riding at night so I can use the indoor as an excuse to try it out.

He has such a more confident feel to him. I think I do too. Today he had his first "episode". We picked up a canter around Charlie & Lauren and he tried to bend in towards them so I slid my hand down and picked him up in the other direction. K said he looked like he was trying to switch leads but then I switched my hands and he did a little bunny hop/buck. I broke him down, flexed his neck, disengaged his hindquarters, and off we went again. I was so proud of myself that I kept him going. After our little ride I rode him from the indoor to the outdoor, walked around in a paddock, took a picture, and then brought him back in. No issues!

We'll see what tomorrow's ride brings, get to ride with L again in the morning before work. Bit? What's the worst that's going to happen... Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Worked in the fields over the weekend just me and Ed, wife Julie driving the tractor. 400 bales on Saturday stacked high on the trailers, then unloaded 400 bales in the garage... Let's just say heat rises. On the fourth I collapsed at home from what my Dad said was heat exhaustion, so I wore shorts in the field trying to not let that happen again. I got cut up pretty bad but didn't pass out. Used my new gloves K bought me, they were great and a big help on Sunday unloading everything.

Back to work on Monday, Tuesday, today... I'm exhausted. I let a sudden downpour this morning stop me from riding before work. Pretty is back under saddle and we were headed down to the outdoor when the heavens opened. With a quiet, "fuck this" I walked her back up to the barn and threw her outside... Of course the rain stopped but I just couldn't do it... 

Brantley has been great, riding almost every day, minus today because I can't really get off the couch unless it's to lay on the bathroom floor. I'd really like to take Chevy down to the beach and let him swim but he seems quite content sleeping in the AC with me.

We've really been working on getting him to flex and I even rode in the outdoor one day. I let him do his canter circles that he loves so much instead of trying to get him to stay on the rail. One step at a time. K watched us in the paddock one day and we were both a mess... Oh wait, that was the fourth of July when I was sick. Makes sense now.

My friend Emma came and rode him. He responded really well to her and she followed all my directions, to the "T" which was great. I can't wait until she can come back and ride again. Must take pictures...

Started lunging Pretty the other day and got on her for a quick 15-minute work out, w/t/c. She was good, quick but good. Rode her again last night, back to our loose rein, slow canter, low headset, dime-stop. Gave myself a pat on the back remembering how long it took me to get her going when I first started riding her.

Been thinking about LB a lot... Crazy girl and Lucky boy... Something Brantley and Bean can work up to be. I miss him a lot... I still can't believe it's going to be two years...

Picture time since I really can't focus on anything...

Pretty Girl cool down.
Little more contact, big stride.
Working on a side pass.
FLEEEEEXXX! Look at that neck.
Two trailers to go!
My little friend, Tiny Tim Bob...
Who else rides at 1130pm? ME!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dog Shooting

So against my better judgement I decided to click play on the dog shooting video. I'm not sure if anyone has seen this but basically there was a raid and a man decided to retardedly to record it on his phone. He was able to put his rottweiler in his car as the officers approached him and immediately put him in handcuffs. There was no struggle, he readily turned and put his hand behind his back. As he was walking away his loyal dog became worried and struggled out of the car. He barked and the owner struggled a little, instead of letting the guy go to his dog, the officer tried to grab the dog. In reaction to his owner being handled and someone grabbing at him, he jumped up to the officer. The officer drew his weapon and began shooting the dog who fell to the ground.

All I have to say is, what the FUCK is wrong with people? Even officers of the law. I understand, big dog, scary dog. But think what you're doing to his owner. He was doing his job. He was protecting him like your K9 Officers protect you when a bad guy comes after you. That's what they're there for. That is there job. That is loyalty. It's not like this man was a part of the raid or doing anything completely wrong... Okay yeah, he was being stupid and shouldn't have been recording anything. Ask him to delete the content on his phone or something. OH! BY THE WAY! There were about 20 different people recording the same incident and got the shooting as well. Seriously hope there are some repercussions to this. One shot, maybe... But almost a full round? Fuck that shit. Now I wish the officer did get bit.

If Chevy had jumped out or a lab, golden retriever, border collie, there would've been no reaction. If Roxie jumped out, they probably would've done the same thing.

Kudos for the dog doing it's job. It's hard to find true loyalty these days. Tear Drop Winken: July 2013

Tear Drop Winken