Tuesday, February 25, 2014


As always, one thing after another but I'm pushing myself to get over the walls that keep building. Now I'm sick to add onto it but I keep getting pet-sitting phone calls and it's starting to get warmer. Can't wait until I'm riding again every day. Unfortunately, Brantley was lame for a few days. With Kate's help we narrowed it down to his left shoulder. Probably pulled something being an a-hole with Lucy out on the ice in their paddocks. Got in some sound lunging and then today... He had a funky tick. I couldn't figure it out. We're thinking maybe he got zapped really good, or pulled something in his neck... I don't know. All I know is that I'm done with this ice in these tiny paddocks and not being able to get him out and moving around. I think we all are.

Contemplating more time at Cherry Croft sooner than later. I want to try him on cows... And more desensitizing without an issue or any comments behind my back. Maybe next winter we'll get out to Sherry's and I'll give him a nice winter off. Unless we end up somewhere else... In a whole other life. It could happen, you never know.

Next step in Wakefield Idol on Thursday and hopefully this cold will go away.

COME ON SPRING! More riding, more blogging, more pictures, (MORE BABIES), and more smiles on my end (one can only hope).

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Snow

I'd be totally up for the snow if I could get a chance to go ride in it. If I get a chance to do anything with my horse again it'll be great.

Things going on...
... Work?
Snow storms...
Cookies and kisses for Brantley...
Masquerade ball...
Singing competition that I didn't get through the prelims for...
Now second chance to get through the prelims...
More work...

I haven't touched my pony in about 2 weeks... Can't tell if that's why I'm in a funk and feel crappy and have no urge to do... Anything. Or if I'm just feeling shitty and that's why I'm not riding my horse in 5* weather (because you know it never stopped me before).

I seriously feel stuck in a box right now. Seasonal depression? Yes... Yes I think so. I hope so.

I have a feeling that tonight's competition is going to be cancelled. But I'm hoping that I'll be able to go to the barn in a bit and finally work my horse...

Kid was sold this past weekend :( Sad day, but hopefully he has an awesome home!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chevy Update and a New Barnmate

Chevy is doing a lot better.
Not too happy with his tiny meals, but happy with his new toy.
Hasn't left his side since.
Runs when I get out his meds but takes them like a champ when I give him the "mom" look.

Because of everything that was going on, I forgot to mention on my last post our new Barnmate/Family Member. This is "Pearl" the Fluffy Diva Barn Kitty. This is new to her, she was previously an indoor/outdoor cat at my friend's but because of some indoor kitty issues, she ended up with us! She has us being big worry warts about her staying in the barn or getting out and being cold but I think she is really loving her new lifestyle. She never wants to leave the rafters and fakes us out by crying like she can't get down. As I said... It's all fake. She's such a diva. Walks across the stall doors like a model on a "catwalk" and flicks her tail when she is not amused. She's also got that diva kitty look. 

I think she's a keeper.

I also didn't post my newest video...
Lost Footage of the Groton Pony Club Event

<3 **Sorry Kate** <3

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Food Bloat and the Tooth Fairy

Adventures at Cherry Croft... With Cows

In other news... The last two weeks have been pretty, not cool. Other than some personal issues yet celebrating an awesome birthday with a friend, I've been pretty over the edge and ready to explode. Why? Can't really explain, but it's been an emotional roller coaster and I'm ready for it to be over. I thought even a trail ride with my boy would help but as soon as my feet hit the ground... I was back to square one.

Much needed trail ride to help.
I thought Sunday would be a new start until one of my trouble makers reminded me what a little fence jumping could do... And no it wasn't the horse.

Cute huh?
You can't really tell by the picture but I came home to a ridiculously fat/bloated dog...

I walked him for about 30 mins and had a complete breakdown. Usually I'm pretty calm and cool when he does something stupid or one of my animals is not doing so well, but this really pushed me over the edge and I was ready to just be done with it all. Including my job. My retarded shifts that change from week to week, my Dad leaving for 2-3 weeks at a time and Chevy going from being with someone all day to no one, all of it. I just broke down and couldn't handle any of it. Finally I called the hospital and went in for an emergency.

Not so cute after puking 3 times.
We took X-rays and he had wicked food bloat (still trying to get a copy of those). Not the bad bloat, but there's really no such thing as a good bloat now is there. I placed my first IV catheter on my own dog and hooked him up to fluids. We discussed a plan of attack and because it was late and technically the hospital is closed, the doctor sent me home to do IV fluids on my own. 

Proved to myself that I can actually get this shit done under pressure. We sat and watched Happy Gilmore as I gobbled up Taco Bell... Yes, Taco Bell... As I said, last two weeks? Bullshit... ANYWAY! Couldn't be more proud of how perfect of a patient Chevy was... He actually fell asleep.

Things were looking up for the Chevster. Spent Monday in the hospital on fluids all day until I took him home. After an hour or so of being home though, the vomiting started. First it was more food, then it was food colored liquid, then bloody mucous and bile. The doctor that helped me wasn't on call that night but she called me anyhow and I ended up meeting her and another tech at the clinic in town late last night. We gave him a couple of injections and some new medications and hoped for the best.

Luckily he has been great all day. Went to the hospital to pick up some stuff and visit with everyone. Tail was wagging, ears up, my pup was back. No more vomiting and a new toy to play with, he couldn't be happier. Well he could be if I fed him more but we have to ease back into that.

Brantley had a date with the dentist today!
(very expensive week for me which doesn't help my cliff-jumping...)

Hanging out with Dustin before his appointment.

Molars and all looked great from last time, but now onto the big issue!
If you look at B's incisors, there's a huge slant. Because he is young, it can be corrected so we began the process today. This will help improve his jaw joints and chewing capabilities which in turn will work well with the rest of his body. It's amazing that a lot of problems in a horse can start from their feet or their teeth. Maybe this will help some of his other comfort issues, I know the shoes did.

This is a before picture, I didn't get a chance to take an after but there's already a huge difference. He'll be seen in another 6 months and the process will continue and eventually it will no longer be a problem. I'll see if I can grab a picture tomorrow.

Sleepy Pony
I wish I could get knocked out for the dentist...
Big snow storms coming this week starting tonight. Excited? 
As long as everyone stays healthy I will be.

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