Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some Tarp Games

B and I played with the tarp today. He came into me a lot faster than yesterday but was still a little on the reactive side. Yes, it was windy BUT I can't remember the last time this horse threw himself away from me when I went to touch his face. It was pretty disheartening... But we worked through it. Then I sent him back and forth over the tarp. He looked at it like he had never seen it before. Brat.

"All lies I tell you! I have NEVER seen this thing in my life!" **SNORT** **PAW**
"Dude... Just go over the damn tarp."
"NOOOOOOOO!!!!" *step step leap* "Oh wait... I remember." *prances over tarp continuously*

So then we dragged it around the arena afterwards... Thinking of strapping it to his saddle tomorrow, but most of the barn dwellers would think that was cruel... Good thing I have my own crew.

Bruising on my ass? Still terrible... Getting worse... New one appeared this AM. So what does my friend at work do? SLAP ME RIGHT ON THE BUTT!!! *cries* My knees almost buckled to be honest but I squeaked out an "I'm fine..."

That's my story for today...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

And Life Continues

A little behind on reading up on people's blogs. Things have been a bit overwhelming since my fall and well, in response to that I have yet been able to get on my horse. Let's just say that the amount of bruising surrounding my tailbone (in other words, plumber's crack)... Holy sh*t balls. Sitting in the Jeep for any long period of time f*cking blows. I know this is terrible to say, but I would've rather landed on my back or my head. Yes, I could've gone blind but it wasn't that bad of a fall. Literally, my fall consisted of my brain saying, "It's time for you to fall off now" and my body saying, "Okay... Letting go." Talk about failing oneself. Still mentally feel like crap about it. I understand, we all fall off. Me of all people know that. My first horse, I can't count the times. But Brantley is different. Now I have to work back to where we were because of his "issues". He's been really jumpy and nervy since the fall. It wasn't even bad! It wasn't like he went nuts and bucked me off either. I guess you had to have been there... But alas, I was alone.

Anywho, worked with him a lot today. He ran away from me and I said fine *wishing I had a round pen*, let's work it in the indoor. So we ran, and ran, and ran... and ran. Asked him to "join up" if you will... No go. So we ran, and ran, and ran in the other direction. "Join up?" He said no. At least 20-30 minutes went by and his head got lower, he started chewing, finally I asked again and he trotted right in to me. I started to breathe again... We both were more relaxed. I did some halter work and lateral flexion with him, then brought him to the mounting block and jumped on, laying across his back, swinging my legs back and forth. He was a little shakey the first time but we made it work. Hopefully I'll do the same tomorrow and get on Friday and see where he's at.

This whole situation pretty much blows right now. Not only because of the lack of riding that I'm getting in, but also the RISPCA ride I really wanted to go to a week from Sunday. Hopefully A and Lucy will still be able to go... I'm really bummed though. Maybe things will change and I'll just take him, but I obviously want to do what's best for him. I was looking at seeing if I could get him over to CC with CB for like a week but because of my recent work issues... I'm working straight through the weeks no breaks. Basically, I'd see if I could drop him off Friday and pick him up next Sunday or Monday (in time for the vet). So that means I wouldn't be there at all to work with the boy during the week. Pros and cons? Hmmm...

Almost finished with this pet sitting job and I'll get a little break... Next one is in late May and then hopefully some travel time for me after my brother's graduation. First weekend in June I'll hopefully be in PA and second weekend? CLINTON ANDERSON!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It Happened.

I fell off.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Back to the goals.

Well I started walking every day (due to pet-sitting), but today I did a little running. It felt good and I miss it a lot. I get up early enough now while I'm staying at this house that I could probably start every day. Amanda got me on a plank challenge and so far it's pretty easy but we'll see as the time gets longer and longer. Coming up to 40 seconds. Doesn't seem crazy right? By the end of 30 days I think we're supposed to be up to 5 minutes.

So my personal goals 2014 (to be completed BEFORE AUGUST!):

Get organized. This includes my bedroom and the Jeep.
Pay off 50% or more of my debt.
Fit into my show clothes (hopefully way before August).
Get back to the gym on a more consistent basis (3-4x per week) - or at least run.

Brantley goals for 2014 (he doesn't have a time limit).

Get comfortable with contact and being on the bit.
Compete over fences just once.
Go to a gymkhana.
Work some cows.
Go to as many clinics as possible!

I say... Keep it simple. I wanted to try to go to the Equine Affaire, but as time goes on... There's a lot of shit to follow. But don't you worry! We'll get there. I don't even want the ribbons or the wins. I just want to say, "This is Brantley. Look what he can do."

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vets, Doughnuts, and Chevy!

1st Bath!
Brantley got his first bath of the season. YAY! Okay, it was a little colder than I usually like to do it but hey, everyone else was doing it. He enjoyed it though so I'm okay with it. I've been putting Bag Balm on his scar and let me tell you. What scar? It looks so good, really excited. I know that scars show character and what he's been through, but this one I think just held him back. First thing the BO and my Dad noticed was his leg and immediately said it would hinder him in the long run. I took him anyway and I haven't had an issue yet! Let's keep it that way. I feel like helping this scar heal will be a big step for the both of us. I'm sure there will always be something there, but it will be a long time memory.

Pip and Nardie

Chevy and I busted our butts this week.
Always walking, running, getting locked up at the kennel at work. Dealing with little dogs yipping at yapping at him and not being able to run around freely in the graveyard I think really stressed him out this past week. Luckily the next dog I'm sitting for and him are best friends so the transition will be easier. Although I love this dog, last night Chev and I got to spend one night at home. It was awesome. I slept on my own couch, still clothed, lights on, TV on, and covered in pizza grease. Gross, I know, but it needed to happen. I decided getting a large Hawaiian pizza for myself... Was a bad idea. Yes, I ate the WHOLE thing. Under 10 minutes? Maybe 20... Bad idea. Felt like crap when I woke up at 5AM, but at least I had enough hot water to wash my hair finally and even shave a little (pits and half a leg), then it was back to ice cold water. Great.

Chevy and I enjoyed our day off today and that's exactly what I was making it. I didn't want to do anything but be with MY dog and MY horse. Grabbed a coffee, turned out, and went for a short hike. I cleaned stalls and Amanda came with her puppy. Cutest little thing. We went out for another hike, longer this time. Her puppy was so good! He's very shy but I think Chevy helped bring the "barn dog" out in him. A baby-sat for me while I went out for a quick run. She let it slip that she never had Allie's Donuts before... Well THAT needed to change, I don't care how much my stomach hated me.

I will watch these while you go feed lunch... Honest.
After ponies were taken care of I ran Chevy home to nap and came back right in time to meet the vet. Brantley was a very VERY good boy and got his picture taken for his Coggins. I really liked the vet as well and my new pony-friend Julia was her assistant so it was nice that she finally got to meet him. Kate came too which was great. She got to ride yesterday for the first time and I was so happy to have her there. Miss her a lot! (I know you may be reading this, it's true, I do <3). 

Everything looked good! Fecal sample in June... I don't usually do that buttttt I should probably do it. Ran home and took a nap... Should've cleaned, but as I said, DAY OFF!

Packed my stuff and Chevy and I went and took Mickey for a nice long walk. They were excited to see each other. I'll be here for 2 weeks and although Dad will be back, I think Chevy will still stay with me.

The Boys!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

FBook Post of the Day

This sums up how I feel today in one Facebook post:

In need of a trail ride just me and the horse... No thinking. No wanting. No worries. No bitching about the bullshit. No one to tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I'm not doing right. No comments. No cattiness. Nothing to forget. Nothing to remember. Just me, the horse, and a bunch of obstacles no one ever thought we could overcome.

Amanda had another awesome ride on Lucy today. I couldn't tell you how happy I am.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bad Pony Mom

So I'm a terrible pony mom... 
I forgot that it was Brantley's birthday in March. 
Complete fail!

It's weird, I used to be really on top of this stuff but I guess I've fallen out of it. Oops... I know Chevy's the end of September, and I know Mitch is in May. I'm going to be a terrible wife (or maybe a really good one). I think the funniest thing is that people ask how old I'm going to be in a few months and my reply... I have no f*n clue. 26? 27? I feel like I'm turning 50 way too fast. 

Need a vacation... Before I quit my job.

Still pet-setting. I miss sleeping on my couch so much. I can't believe March is really over and we're halfway through April. I haven't gotten any of my personal goals done at all. Really need to push myself. I keep saying, "after this", or "after that!" Instead I just keep putting it off and talking about it.

At least I know I'm doing the horse thing right. Amanda is doing great with Lucy and although I miss working with her, I get to really focus on the B man. We had an awesome ride the other day in our new get-up. I can't wait to set up some cross-rails. I just don't want to start until I'm done with the pet-sitting because I want to have good before and after rides consistently. Consistency is key!

Saw an interesting Facebook post today from Ray Hunt. I wish more people thought like this:

I think this is an amazing thing because it's so true. We look for softness... But how do we get it? I catch myself all the time. Yes, I want contact and for my horse to collect and RELAX in his collection. But I'd also like to just get on and go and have him confident enough and strong enough to carry himself without me asking... or nagging. I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do it, as long as you get the response you want without ruining or hurting yourself or more importantly, the horse. 

That goes without saying both physically and emotionally.

...I really don't know how to end this post so... THE END.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Pet-Sitting and Some Ice Cream... and a Saddle

Chevy and the "Little Man" Crew
So once again I'm pet-sitting but luckily the Chevy gets to stay with me. Last night he was really worried... And got me to sleep with him... On the ground... No blanket... Just floor. Finally he went off on his own and found a good place to sleep so I crawled into bed with the little ones. We've gotten the walking down to an art as you can see. They all get along pretty well (and I just discovered the awesome stereo system!!!! EEEEE!!!). A lot of work but a really good crew. I'm so lucky! And next week I get to sit for Mr. Mickey for 2 WEEKS! I'm so excited. He's a sweet setter and Chevy just loves him. Plus, now that we've gotten to know each other I can take him on outings hopefully with Cairo!

Anyway, so I'm busting my butt and well... Tripped over an awesome deal that I just couldn't pass out at least a trial ride on:

Look at dat a$$
Bates? $600.00 Yes please.
Showing off his style.
I'm not going to lie, I loved it from the moment I spotted it at the Horseman's Bazaar. I finally drove down to Voluntown, CT to pick it up. Was it worth it? I rode in it for the first time and it felt pretty good but my legs felt jacked up, Brantley was awkward, and I thought it was way too high up on his shoulder. I had Ms. Sherry come check it out on him before and she said it fit awesome. I wanted to just love this saddle... So what did I do? I tried it on another horse that I knew would be a good candidate for a test ride. I loved it on the other horse and dropped my stirrups a hole. We tried it again on Brantley today and I really pulled out all the stops. Checked the fit, slid it back, kept my stirrups down, RODE IN BREECHES, and started in the indoor. Can we say perfect? It felt so good... I took it out for a trail run... And a jump. It's on like Donkey-Kong! 

After walking the dogs again, Chevy and I made our way back to the barn to see K (who is looking great if I do say so), Hannah, and Amanda. Amanda had an AWESOME ride on Lu so we decided to celebrate with Ice Cream! Mwahahaha. So good. R came over getting ready for a run and Chevy thought he'd like to go (crazy dog), so we walked Brantley down instead. He took a selfie with an excited patron of the Inside Scoop and tried to steal my cookie dough deliciousness (Jerk).

I think that = SUCCESS!
Only good mom's share.
Trying to eat ice cream...
**took a selfie with A, but unfortunately it won't load :( **

Monday, April 7, 2014

Trail Rides, Puppies, and a Shotgun Wedding

Look who's lifted now Bobby-Jo!
Holy crap! It's already April. I missed the last few days of March.

Finally got to start hitting the trails again thank god. Brantley and I were both going nuts in the arena, inside and out. He was so happy to get out there again. We've been exploring like crazy and found two more horse friendly trails. Okay, so one of them I have to drag a mat or ply-wood over to because some roots are falling through, but I can't even tell you how awesome it was for my horse to squeeze through and under trees and NOT freak out. We're doing it! We're getting there! A branch even fell on my shoulder and with great care, I tossed it to the side. We overcame the creek for the first time this year... After interrupting a serious make-out session in the middle of the swamp. That was interesting. Did some jumps, and cantered down the straight-away. Success!

I've been going out with the BO too which is nice. I love going out with her because it makes me feel less like an outsider at the barn. I've got my rough-board girls, but sometimes I feel so set aside from the rest of the barn. I'd say "no matter how hard I try" but lately, I'm a hermit. Go me. Anyway! We went out with R & Mickey and it was short lived. Mickey in very few words... Was a complete dick. But we played in the puddle that built up from the last rainstorm when we came home.

So for the trail ride above... B and I hand-walked. Why? Because he pulled a shoe. That was the least of my worries when I drove into the barn and saw him standing in the back of his paddock with his head down and leg-cocked. No big deal right? Except that he ALWAYS picks up his head when I pulled in. What made it worse? The tape line was pulled all across his paddock. Talk about wanting to vomit. I couldn't breathe, talk, cry, vomit, think... Nothing. PTSD at it's best. I grabbed him and ran into the barn, S and N were there with Comic wondering what was wrong with me... I checked the horse, he was fine, threw him back out and started to fix the fence and started sobbing. I called K, the hubby picked up and handed the phone straight to her. You know you have a good friend when she knows EXACTLY why I was having a meltdown. 

Moral though? The horse was fine... And we walked with R & the BO to K's through the trails and had a shotgun wedding. Yes, Ms. Sherry & her fiance Tom finally tied the know and K's hubby did the "I Do's". It was great. Party soon!!!!

Pony being an overachiever...
B and I are working on gathering him up with some contact... And remember that saddle issue where I couldn't find one... Well I found one (not the picture above)... I will post it hehehe. Love it, and it fits him, and it was an AMAZING deal. Rode Comic in it today and he was great, we even went out on his first trail ride with Lu & A.

What a good boy!
Trying to spend a lot of time with Chevy and running him on the trails. Okay, so we're not up to running yet but maybe Wednesday. I start a pet-sitting job this week and luckily, he'll be able to come with me, especially because after this one I watch Mickey again for 2 weeks. Excited! Chevy loves him. He spent the rest of the day with me cleaning stalls and B's paddock. I tied him to the fence because his "selective-hearing" has gotten better and better. Ran off on me, back to the e-collar it is! Brantley was very interested in him and spent about 5-minutes trying to under his leash to set him free.

"Almost got it."
"QUICK! She's looking!"
Update on Mitch: He's doing great. Lost some weight. Spending more time outside (I know I'm a bad mom but he's a happy cat). Still eating the expensive Royal Canin SO, always hungry. His two new things? Jumping up on the cabinets to knock over pictures, and smacking me in the face open-palmed (and clawed) across the face at 0430. Jerk... But, he does have his moments still when he jumps in my lab and curls up under the covers. Love him... And he's been loving up on Chevy too which I'm also okay with. What I don't think Mitch was okay with was... Well... I'll let you see the picture yourself.

"Can I haz de Cheez-it?"
Mitch was DEFINITELY there first...

LB and his boy.
On March 28th my brother Mikhail turned 18. I honestly can't even believe what a guy this kid has become. He's smart, talented, kind, loving... I know everyone says that about their brothers (or kids), but he is amazing. I post a lot about Mason and Brantley only because they are so close. What you guys never got to hear about was the relationship between Mikhail and Lucky. It's funny how that works. Lucky loved this kid almost as much as he loved me. Mason may be more of a rider but Mikhail had the heart that Lucky connected with. It's hard to think that they would've been sharing their 18th birthday together, but for everything that has happened? Mikhail will always be my hero. I don't know any other 15-year-old who could've handled that moment like he did and I will always be thankful. <3

Oh... And I promised cute puppies...

Juliette - Anguilla puppy - Adopted
Emerald - Catahoula puppy - up for adoption Tear Drop Winken: April 2014

Tear Drop Winken