Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 to 2015

This is my whole outlook on 2015.

At the end of 2013 I consistently said, "This is your year Brantley... This is your year and you are going to rock."

2014 came and went along with:

Trail Rides
Hunter Pace
Horse Shows
Pony Rides

Did I mention that I fell off in the middle of a field, removed his bridle... And he stayed there... Waiting for me to get off my ass and back in the saddle.

2014 was a win... A complete win.

I am still in awe of this amazing horse and how far he's come from the horse that I once knew. 

I'm more in love with those worried eyes every day that paces. The nuzzles, the kisses, and the way he tuck his tail when he turns around or goes to roll.

The way he looks to me to ask if it's okay...

He's becoming more of my partner in crime every moment I spend with him. 

2015 is going to be our year. 

I'm going to give back and show as much effort to him as he did for me this year.
For the list I usually write try to keep myself together and organized but... That always fails.
So we'll try this.

My main goal for 2015 is to fit back into my show coat. I'm not going to say "old" because I've only worn it once, about 2 summers ago now, and I know for a fact I can fit back into it again. The fact is that over the last couple years I've really let myself go... A lot. Some of you out there get it more than others because it's not about how you look or what number the scale goes up to, it's how you feel. Honestly I feel like crap, mentally and physically.

You know you have a problem when all you want to do is sit on the couch because physically you feel like you can't do anything else. And mentally... I can't even get into it now.
Positive thoughts!

January 2015 Goals for Me:
  • Run/Jog at least 3x per week with the dog (or walk until I get my ankle brace)
  • Take group classes at least 1x per week (yoga, kickboxing, pole dancing)
  • Go out at least 1x per week... And not just for karaoke. I need to live a little more.
**notice that I wrote AT LEAST because I'd like to do more**
January 2015 Goals for Brantley:
  • Get back to Cowboy for boot camp.

I need this view back.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Still No Riding... But More Pony Time!

Ankle is still pretty swollen and sore which sucks. Supposed to go to PT on the 5th but rumor has it it's going to cost $175... And that's only for the first visit! Ummm... Insurance? What? But I didn't do it last time so I should probably go again. Plus this gym they're sending me to has a sports program/personal trainers/and a concussion program. Hell yeah I'm in... If I can afford it.

I'm still planning to bring B to Cowboy, just trying to figure out time frames. I'm pet-sitting from the 17th-24th of January and I have half a mind to drop him off, hand CB some cash, and say I'll see you in a week only because I know I won't have time to go down and see him on days I have to work. Would that be cruel? I'm usually always there or at least try to be if CB's schedule and mine work (which it never really does)... What are your thoughts?

Long story short, my soul is still kind of broken plus I feel a cold coming on... So I visited with Amanda and Comic yesterday morning to take some pictures! Comic is looking fantastic. I know Natalie (his mom) has been working on a blog but she hasn't sent me a link. You can check out Amanda's interesting blurbs here!

 Remember this guy and his mom Natalie?
When we moved, she moved to a barn that happened to be closer to Amanda,
who was willing to give Natalie a hand.
Check him out now.

You've been taking pictures the whole time???!!
So of course at that point we had to have some fun with it.

Best shot ever.
So after all was said and done, I looked around the indoor and said, "This place looks familiar!"
And who did I find munching away her lunch?!

Miss Mollie! From The Red Headed Mare!
So again... Any thoughts on dropping B off while I'm pet-sitting mid-January?
And then back for a week in February?

It's not fair that he's not doing anything when I'm the one that's broken...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

TOA Blog Hop: Shining Star

Yay! Another blog hop to post on a rainy day such as today. Especially when I get sent home early with nothing to do but cuddle with Chevy.

Beka over at The Owls Approve wants to know about Brantley's biggest achievements.

Top Achievement Award goes to... I can ride my damn horse.
He trusts me to put him in a situation that made him once want to throw himself off a cliff.
(luckily helping me dismount before hand)
Halter, bridle, bit, side-pull, English, Western?
He lets me get on.

(B's first ride with Ben, I've posted mine so many times)

From there, we took the world by storm!

And this has been over the last year.
So what it took 2 years for me to get on.

Him trusting my ability to lead him while on his back is the only achievement that mattered.
I'm okay with that.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Visiting with Wendy

Enjoying my new coffee mug from Draft Mare YOU CAN CLICK IT NOW!
I think there's something wrong with this picture...
Feeling a bit better today. Oh depression how I adore you. Today was going to be filled with Christmas shopping and running around like a looney but then I decided. Psh... Any Christmas presents I need to purchase don't need to be to their recipients until after the holiday so it can wait. I need some pony time. Bre (one of my favorite pony photographers) and her husband came down from Maine to visit with their 8 month old daughter Kennedy. I was very happy to see them. We grabbed some breakfast before my pet-sitting client meeting. After that I grabbed the pup and ran straight down to Wendy's. If you don't remember Wendy she is my trail buddy who owns the gorgeous saint of a horse Elijah who helps keep B's shit together mind quiet. It was great to get some pony snuggles and a hug from Wendy. It definitely helped. We have so many plans this Spring/Summer, I just have to stick with it.

We had a mini get together from the old barn the other night in which I received an awesome gift certificate as well as something from my Hunter Princess (<3 you A) friend (who by the way I got a rope halter for in which she said something along the lines of "gimme gimme gimme" I'm such a bad influence). ANYWAY! She gave me an adorable little magnet:

Who the hell wants to be a mermaid when you can be a unicorn?!
Then I pull out the white fabric thing she had all folded up in a bag... As soon as I saw a corner of the picture printed on it I burst into tears... Yes, in front of everyone.

My precious LB
She got up and gave me a hug and told me that now I can snuggle with him every day.
Amanda... You're a jerk... And I love you <3

Anyway! I'm not contemplating instead of waiting until February to hook up with the Cowboy and Cindy, I may see if Ms. Wendy can trailer us down mid-January, now that I have given into the gods of medicine and signed up for PT. Even though B is enjoying what he is doing (see picture below), we need to be ready for Spring asap! AND I WANT A SNOW RIDE DAMMIT!

What Brantley has been doing.
Okay, enough with the boring reading. Enjoy some pictures while I go let some dogs out down the street. Oh the life of a pet-sitter!
P.S. Check out this awesome article posting by Oh Gingersnap!.
Fear of Riding Horses

Oh the stretchies!
Pre-Spring Muscles
Maybe he's born with it?
Random adorable picture of Chevy!
Such a momma's boy.


I love when men feel comfortable riding English.
Wendy's boyfriend Chris, Aggie's Daddy. Perfect pair!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Missing Him

I'm missing LB a bit... Just being able to get on and go.
I could jump on a couple other horses but it's not the same.

I want to get on my horse.
My ankle is still sore. Still swollen.
Need to get to the Physical Therapist who will hopefully start me on the weight loss track.

I feel pretty crappy (as I stuff Oreos in my face to try and make me feel better).
I haven't felt this crappy about myself since high school.
It's always been an issue for me in the environment that I grew up in.
A lot of people just don't get it.

Gramps is doing a whole lot better.
Saw him today finally, he was awake and very happy to see me.
That made me feel a bit better.

I finally have a full day off tomorrow and I'm going to spend it catching up with some friends I haven't been able to see in a while. I hope that helps. What I'm really looking forward to is trying to spend some time with my horse.

I'm contemplating bringing him to see Cowboy and the crew a little bit earlier. We both need some boot camp and to get back in the game. I was going to wait until February but I don't know if I can wait that long. (Wow, lot's of "I's" today)

I'm tired. I'm sad... I'm a little broken right now. Running to the barn to clean my stall as quickly as possible just to get back to doing something I really don't want to do is killing me. Especially when I see those ears perk up when I pull in the drive way and he watches me run back and forth to the manure pile and the water pump. It's not fair to him. And it's killing me more a little each day.

Hence the Oreos.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Pony Blog Secret Santa!

The kids and I had a nice little surprise when I got home from work today 
waiting for us out on the porch.

Thank you Sarah aka Draftmare!
I know I follow your blog, but when I went to find it and tag you... I couldn't for the life of me find it!
GAH! Bad blogging friend.

Anyway, thank you and you've made some pretty happy household animals this evening.
Poor guys (including the horse) have been getting the shaft lately.

"No really. I'm good... I'll just have one."
You made one hell of a happy cat. I didn't even know Mitch was in the house until I pulled the packages out of the box. He jumped up on the counter faster than the dog got up off the couch. Temptations are his faaaavvvoorriitteee. 

He even turned away from the food I just dropped in his dish.

...You are so cruel.
Chevy was up for a photo shoot... Minus the fact that I put a treat in the lovely lab mug (surprisingly I do not have a mug with a lab on it. I actually don't have any lab stuff... Except for the lab himself). It was tooooortttuurree. Anything for cuteness!

If it fits... I stick my nose in it.
Yet to see if it fits!
There was a lovely Mango Belt that I just loved. I'm glad I finally know what they are now.
I was feeling kind of left out.

Thank you again Sarah! From the kids and me!

Groupon... Is awesome.
Yes, it's not a Mac... But I can't afford one and plus I don't do have of the video editing and DJing that I used to so if I can save like $1200 and buy a $300 HP of Groupon... I'm all in.

This thing... Is a brick.
But a sleek, sexy, light weight brick.
That makes B look pretty damn sexy.
And is finger print accessible (which is pretty sweet).
So I know I haven't posted really much of anything but it's been a pretty rough week. I got to go visit Lucy with Ms. Kate which was awesome but I felt pretty crappy the entire time. It got to the point that on our way home my whole body had a shut down moment and I was just done. K actually drove me home and I fell asleep in her front seat. She's amazing by the way, while I was sleeping she stopped at S&S and bought me soup. <3 It was really awesome to see Lucy though. She looks great and her new mom is definitely in training to be one hell of a horseman.

Once I got home I collapsed on the couch. Between my consistent (now known as a stress-induced) headache and busting my butt (which involved lack of sleep), my body basically told me to STFU and stop moving. So... I did.

The news I came home to though was that my Grandfather (Dad's dad, the only grandparent I have ever been close to) was brought to the hospital. He had a build of fluid that he needed them to train basically but things looked great. He'd spend a couple days recouping and then come home!

Went to my PT appointment for my ankle (which is still pretty fucked up hurting), and while I was waiting called Dad to check up on Gramps... He had a stroke... Awesome.

There was nothing really I could do to help or anything and being as my weekend problem still wasn't completely healed and my head still ached, Dad told me to just go to work. So I did. That was Tuesday.

He's been doing great. I've been trying to fit the last couple of days in between shifts but he'd be sleeping every time I got there. Hell if I'm going to wake him up. So I just left him a note both days and drew him a cute little animal cartoon to go with it. Told him to get better soon since he still has to see Brantley man in action!

Today I went to work while Dad and DGF (Dad's GF) were getting prepared to move Gramps to a Rehab a little north of the hospital. Plan was to move him at 330pm... I called Dad about 1230pm, Gramps had another stroke. Back to ICU... I had a mini meltdown.

My grandmother died a few months before I was born but I always felt so close to her because of this man. Almost like I knew her. Gramps is in his late 80s but one hell of a do-er. He still goes to every fire department meeting (life member/volunteer) and works on the tanker. He also checks all of the fire alarms around the island and consistently changes out the military flags in the graveyard whenever they need it. He visits with my grandmother (who is buried next door) so I get to see him pretty regularly if I get home at just the right time. I think he's been to more horse shows than my mother and gets how stubborn I am about everything... Because I'm just like him apparently. Saltines with peanut butter, OJ in his little yellow cup, puzzles, and Tetris... Oh. Did I mention the Swiss Roll Cake addiction he passed on to me as well?

So far he's doing well but for anyone who will keep him and other grandfathers in their thoughts, please do. I'm sure he's still got a few years but us Caswell's don't go down easy! If you couldn't tell.

Poor B man has really been getting the shaft these days... I miss my boy.


Here's the video ya'll have been waiting for.
Love you Kate <3 Tear Drop Winken: December 2014

Tear Drop Winken