Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Catch Up


Playing catch up here... A lot has happened... Like my last day at the animal hospital is August 11th... I caved an am staying 3 weeks instead of 2.

That's probably the most exciting thing other than the 2nd Hunter Pace Wendy and Elijah. 3rd out of 10? WE'LL TAKE IT! Both ponies were rockstars even after Elijah lost a shoe half way. Brantley and I lost our cinch strap while galloping through a field. I hopped off, fixed it, hopped on, and finished out the gallop. I still don't have it in me to let him go full out... Soon. Elijah put his water fears aside and slid right into the stream off the trail... Only up to his ankles of course.

We're happy with it!

So what do I do to get ready for the end of this career? Hit the mat again. It was much needed and I know I'll feel it tomorrow. A little late, but a few of us are preparing for our first obstacle course this coming Saturday... Tough Mudder? Spartan Race? Color Me Rad? OH HELL NO!

Totally worth watching. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll be honest, Brantley basically had all week off and Zoe got a little more under saddle attention. I don't think he minded all that much minus our odd trail ride Sunday afternoon. Everything was pretty terrifying. We worked somethings out and I ended up dismounting and walking home. He seems quieter while we walking, I definitely just rushed into a ride before really preparing for him but I'm glad he took care of me as well as he could.

Today was grooming day... Wasn't quite sure if the storm was going to hit or not.
On and off lightning strikes and thunder, so round pen work will do.

Per usual, people stopped and watching. As Amanda says, he works off amazing "Jedi Mind Tricks" so people who don't know what's going on are in complete awe. Body communication at it's best!

Then we had some fun with Autumn, N's daughter. B was so interested in the mini ATV, we thought we'd put it to work. I was definitely waaaay too heavy for it and ended up helping it go with my legs but Brantley almost picked up a jog chasing us. But tarps and blue barrels cut in half full of water? TERRIFYING!          ...jerk

Zoe is a doll... I love her. I love spending time with her.
When you can't see your best friend as often as you'd like,
her horse will have to do.

Better than laying on the beach all day in my opinion.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

This is definitely last weekend.
And this is totally what he was.
I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. Like actually write something that is. Honestly, I don't like doing flat work play by plays and I always feel empty when I don't have pictures to share! Luckily, Kate and Hannah came for a little visit and got to see what the B man and I have been working on. Plus, Brantley got to cuddle his future lead-line blue ribbon winner.

I hadn't seen K in a little while, which felt like eternity actually, so it was definitely nice to catch up! Plus she got some pretty adorable shots of Brantley too.

Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
We're slowly getting back to it, can't wait to start taking lessons again though to really push ourselves. We both get bored so easily! Definitely got to challenge ourselves a bit more.

Wendy and I went back and forth on how to spend our Sunday Funday and what kind of adventure we wanted to have. Let's just say... It ended up looking like this:

Sunday Funday... English tack?
Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
(anyone notice I'm touching his butt??)
Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs

Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs 
Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
 This day was filled with perfect gentleman-like standing for the mounting block and making it over a small ground rail course and a command class. Went home with 5 ribbons all well deserved, unfortunately I did not take a picture with them and him though. I was too proud of how amazing he was I actually scratched my cross-rail classes after Wendy completed hers and we left early. I couldn't ask this horse for any more! So what did I do afterwards?? Met up with my little brother for some family time at the local tattoo spot:

It looks better in person I swear.
But I love it and that's what matters.
Plus, it's in my Dad's handwriting...

We had another bareback ride yesterday because it was definitely a no F*@#s given kind of day and we actually made it all around the arena. Great hack today, day off tomorrow, and I think some jumping on Wednesday. Then... HUNTER PACE AGAIN ON SUNDAY! Hell I need a Go-Pro...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Wordless Weekend?

Is Wordless Weekend a thing?

Because I really have no words about either of these situations.

I finally did it. And he was awesome... Minus me vomiting per usual...
And then having a massive meltdown... Happy Heart Meltdown.

http://www.controlhaltdelete.com/ Tear Drop Winken: July 2015

Tear Drop Winken