Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good Weekend

Lots of jumping... At least trying. 
Saturday afternoon received a text from the woman I farm sit for all the time. 
She was looking to get out on the trails that afternoon. 
COME ON OVER! And this is what we've got:

**PS: Did I mention I got a GoPro?**
Advice on mounting is needed - I just popped it on the front of my helmet but I'm thinking of spending the money to put it on the side of my helmet... I keep hitting it! GRRR...

Thursday, August 27, 2015

#TBT... Nov 2011 thru Aug 2015

Is Throwback Thursday a Thing?
Because it is today...

I really needed to just post this progression.
Pictures you've seen a million times but... Still.
**I think the dates are right**






Hey so remember when they said he wasn't going to be worth anything?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Adorable Visitors

Quick business update... I'm happy. I'm smiling. Life is good. I spent this morning building employee moral out in the field. They loved it. We had a nice meeting. Chevy let me know he wanted to go on more work walks with me and he should probably actually be with my 24/7. Nina told me that she loves to play out in the field but would probably rather sit working on updating the Facebook page if there are other dogs going to be around. I told her that was okay and we shook on it.

Chevy - Co-Owner & Vice President
Nina - Facebook Coordinator
After our meeting we had an awesome snack and I headed off to have a pretty pony filled day. 

Stopped by and played with Rio for a bit. We worked on bending and disengaging in the hind end. He seemed a little stiff going to the left but I guess he had been having an issue to the right but that was for side-passing only. When an owner says that a horse is still in an area I like to look before I ask which side to see if I pick up the same thing. It was a quick 20 minute session but we worked through it and he loosened up. 

My Special War Horse <3
After that I met up with a friend from work, one of the DVMs actually. She brought her son to the barn to meet the horses. He's a little younger than little Hannah I believe but crazy about animals. He was waddling back and forth between Zoe, who I put in the arena, and the ponies who were in the paddocks across from her yelling, "NEIGH! NEIGH!" Adorable? I think so.

I pulled Brantley out of his paddock to meet him but unfortunately, he was little more interested in playing with the toys and Brantley... Wanted to eat grass. We got a few shots though!

I just love how gentle he is.

I also received an unexpected message from an old friend... I mean a really old friend. Her daughter, now 3, was obsessed with horses after a pony ride at a local park and she was wondering if she could bring her by. Ummmm... of course! So Brantley got more carrots and a lot more love which is good because I've been "neglectful". Much needed time off is more like it!

This just adds to all the pony love I've been having for this horse lately. I mean, I've loved him for a majority of our relationship... But I just can't even believe who this horse is... Plus it was pretty awesome to catch up with your childhood best friend who you haven't seen in... 15+ years.

Yes... We're that old.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Keeping Up? HA!

You will always be my number one. You will always be my heart and soul. I love you.
LB <3 5/17/96-8/16/11

First I will start this long "awaited post" with this...
Ummmm... Camouflage... What?

I don't know whether I love them and am totally excited about them or... I hate them and very happy I can't afford them...

So to start off "that weekend", Wendy and I trailered to Arcadia for our final hunter pace with WGHA. If we had thought our horses were rockstars before, they are... I don't even know how to describe it. Of course Brantley and those god damn blue barrels, but we trotted over bridges and through ditches. We also galloped through fields and through some treacherous areas. Even the bridge that they didn't go over that fateful day we got lost for 6 hours, didn't even bat an eye!

Now you know I'm not really one for ribbons but it was Lucky's anniversary and we were doing so well that maybe, just maybe, we'd come out on top. We would've loved even a red ribbon... Blue would've made me cry though - we didn't get called... We didn't even place. OUR NAMES NEVER CAME! We were a little confused but there were also 28 riders and I tried not to think about it. We couldn't have pushed our ponies any more than we did and they were so much better than they had ever been EVER!

Wendy and I finally came to the decision to ask what our time was... He looked confusingly at the sheet and asked if we missed a turn - We said, "No, why?"



Oh well... I guess we'll have to move up to Hunters next season - Pomfret Pace? Here we come!

So running my own business? Pretty cool - thought I'd have more time for blogging but still have to make time instead. It's going well though. I'm really busy - now just to do the official tax stuff. K has been amazing and helping me get the internet stuff underway but to look at what's up for now!

If you're into off-roading and Jeeps - Check out Ocean State Jeepsters on Facebook - They're awesome! They put on some "trail rides" through the woods behind a dealership. 40+ acres of trails. Of course I asked who I had to sell myself to or sell my soul to at least to get back there with Brantley but the man in charge graciously explained to me why I couldn't. *sad face*

We walked the trails and there was a break down (drive shaft for anyone who is interested) and one of the Jeepsters helping (because Jeep people are cool like that) offered us a ride through the rest of the trail (he was following behind a convoy that went out).

Our ride!
Not pony safe bridge...
We had to strap 'em out!

One way to donate your old beat up lemon!
It was great and made some awesome new friends/acquantances and was able to hand out some business cards as well.

So onto my birthday! Basically... Friends came over and Dad made me an EPIC birthday cake - then we went out for karaoke <3 It was amazing. And a success... #2 down!

Best Dad EVER!
Yes... There was a fireball MLP and Starbursts.

I love this dog.
Yes - It turned into a MLP and rainbow farting unicorn themed.
Apparently I'm 5 and I love it.

And last but not least... Working on a project with the help of Kate (of course because as usual, she's amaze-balls <3) and she caught some stills...

If you know anyone in the area who needs any sort of graphic design help, fancy saddle pad work, or any sort of photographic adventures - CONTACT HER: POLAR SQUARE DESIGNS
**Relentless advertising because I love her more than... MLP & Fireball... Sorry L.Williams...**

This is everything.
Everything I have fought, cried, bled, sweat, and iced my concussed brain over.
Everything I worked for.
Everything I wanted.
Everything these last 4 years have finally paid off for.
This is what "dreams come true" looks like.

But unfortunately - This picture is waaaay more important.

Hope everyone has a kick ass week - I know I have.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WipeOut, Last Day, and Hunter Pace Prep

Back at the Santana Center! Which means I get to spend some time with my "new horse" that maybe I'll end up with one day... When I have my own place. But until then, I really do hope he finds an amazing home.
Rio my War Horse
But you also know what that means... Rider and Chevy are at it again and let me tell you, they are relentless with their shenanigans. I'm okay with it though only because Chevy's new sister (another blog post) doesn't play as rough as Rider does so they get in some good wrestling... While I'm sleeping of course... And it's usually over my face.

The trouble makers...
But as long as this guy is happy... I'm happy.

That smile...
I last left you with a promise of my first "5K" and honestly, I put 5K in bunny ears because we didn't run all that much... until we saw our next obstacle. I think we turned into superhuman runners when we saw the water slide. Here are some pictures! I wanted to post a picture of me doing a back flip off my tube into the water off the slide, but I didn't want to steal it and honestly it wasn't good enough to buy, but you could only imagine. Luckily we all made it out alive!

The start
The middle
The end

Fireball Fighters and their Fire-breathing Unicorns!
It was a total blast.

I'm still kicking ass back at and taking names at this point. If you haven't tried it and you have one around you, there's a Groupon... Do it. I wore my fire breathing unicorn tank top and sweat so much that I left the outline of the words, "Therefore I Am a Unicorn" on the mat. It was hilarious... Of course no phones allowed because ain't nobody got time for that! #epic

K needed a pony ride - Zoe looks thrilled!
Saturday night I went to my first polo match and honestly, I didn't really pay attention to the game. It just made me want to play which is probably why I don't watch sports - but it was a blast and I got to hang out with some of my favorite pony people and my kickboxing buddy who tagged along. It was great. I even got some puppy kisses.

One last hunter pace in the series we entered and Wendy and I went for a prep run on Sunday. 12.5 miles at a slow and quiet pace. Bridges. Water. And who would've guessed that the trail back would send us down the rocky and mountain goat trail we got lost on at the beginning of the season. I told the woman in charge (she's amazing btw) that she did it on purpose and she laughed with the response, "I thought about it while we were marking the trail and L was wondering why I was laughing. I said this is the trail Maddy and Wendy got lost on." It was great - and we had an amazing gallop. I mean, I think I awakened the thoroughbred that's been hiding in my quarter horse at last. And he just had more to give - Wendy wants a blue... I just want to make it out alive hehehe.

Ummm... You ready?
I look lost...
Conquering the river!
Of course to start off the week, I hit my final day of my final 3 weeks and walked into this:

They come in Mega Stuff?!
Someone told them I didn't like cake. #winning!

And with that I will leave you with an adorable picture of my favorite little cowgirl and Brantley. Tear Drop Winken: August 2015

Tear Drop Winken