Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend of Hell


One weekend... 
              4 Days... 
                    1 Hotel Room... 
                           4 Pony Friends... 
                                   And 4 amazing sessions with DAN JAMES!



We got it! We got in! We made it! I still can't believe it and I've been dying to write this post but of course I've been suuuuuuuuper busy. Business is... Well... Good... I'm not a millionaire yet but I'm happy so that's what matters right?

Anyway, I can't wait and what's even better is that I'm spending that weekend with some of my closest friends who will make it even more amazing. Now if only I could have enough time to ride my horse for more than 20 minutes in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WW: Just A Few Left!

There's not much to type about other than Lauren from My Life with Charlie coming to visit!
Best weekend ever?
I think so.

She even got to ride Brantley and the Zoe! <3

Kate got to ride too of course!
Fancy pony.
And no pony play-date would be right without Hannah!
Love these girls. Just missing Wendy!
Now for Videos!

1. Lauren & Brantley

(I did not fall off or remove Brantley's bridle this time.)

So much fun was had by all and Wendy was amazing enough to let Kate borrow Elijah.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

What I've Been Waiting For

Working on that every single day. So much that I actually started a new business venture, which I won't go into too much but...

I know... Weird. For me? If you don't know what they are they are heat activated nail wraps and they're pretty bomb. I'm not girly girl and I don't like putting a lot of effort in things like this but these are fun and they're easy and they LAST! Pony girls, this is totally for you. If you haven't tried them, you should. Okay, selling over.

On to bigger and better things.

I had a lesson with Niall Quirk. You know. The trainer from Ireland/South Africa who is... Amazing. Literally life changing in 45 minutes. And he knows me as the "rider with no contact but good feel". Of course first thing out of his mouth though was, "Is that the same horse you had a couple years ago?" Just that question was worth the check I wrote. Of course Brantley was a little hot. I was getting a little frustrated because he was going the opposite of what he has been doing but he was feeding off of me. I had to remind myself, this isn't a show, it's a lesson. And that's exactly what I needed to feel him tell me through my hands, "You're fine. Let's do this." 

Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
And we did...

He picked apart Brantley (in a good way) and made sure to tell me that I wasn't doing anything terribly wrong with my riding. What he was teaching us was "alien" to us and not our norm so the rest will come which made me feel great. He took what I had already taught Brantley in my cowgirl way and showed me how to pick up my reins and communicate with correct contact and it was great.

Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
Every time Brantley did something right I wanted to throw my reins away and rub his neck... even though I was supposed to keep consistent with the contact. Niall kept saying what a different horse he was and how smart he was, it made my heart melt every time.

Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
We were communicating in a way we haven't before and damn did that horse look goooooood.

Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs
 After our lesson I thanked him over and over and he said "I'll see you next year."

Photo credit: Kate Taylor - Polar Square Designs

Obviously Kate was there because she's my #1 fan like all of the time so the fun couldn't end there. I headed out to the field and we had a nice romp. I should've let him go a little more but you know how I feel in that saddle. It'll get better. I mean it has to... Did you see that horse?!

Photo Credit: Kate Taylor

Did I mention my Dad showed up too?
Although I'm still waiting for that phone call, it was an epic day!
Thanks Kate <3 All photo/video credit goes to her! Tear Drop Winken: October 2015

Tear Drop Winken