Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm Over It

Legit... They cancelled school in a few towns already because of the storm "threat".
I have yet to see one snowflake.

I don't think I can ever remember a time that school was cancelled because we may get 8-10" of snow... Seriously... Between the snow days and people complaining about the time change and thinking about having our state change time zones because they don't want to deal... Laziness.

Can I move?

Anyway, rant over. Brantley and I have been doing a lot of round pen work because he pulled both his front shoes and I'm just waiting for the farrier to come out. He's been totally sound and not sensitive at all. What does this mean? I wish I hadn't wasted money on snow shoes this year ahaha. You live and you learn! I'm really loving being able to spend so much time with him though. Taking advantage of not riding to catch up on our ground work because we're a little rusty.

He's like a new horse since I had the dentist out... Cue the cute photos. <3

I don't know where I'd be without this horse.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

80% Better

I truly love just spending time with this horse. I've had a few people see me on the trails and ask, "Why aren't you riding him?" Why? Because I wanted to walk him. Go for a hike. Ya know... Like a dog... Because that's occasionally exactly what he is like. We ran into a couple girls yesterday on our hike and I just hand the rope to them and said "Hey, take a selfie" and Brantley ate that sh*t right up!

We spent some time in the round pen the day after his appointment and I already knew he was feeling better. I let him loose and he just went around, long and low... But quick. Definitely feeling fresh and full of it but I was okay with that. Normally after a romp around like that I literally sit in the middle of the pen and just wait. It's been a while since he's done this but he walked right over and put his head right in my lap nosing my tummy. Then spent some time grooming my hair...

I really can't complain about him even when he does decide to be a dick... Which was not the case today. I decided a couple days off was enough and wanted to see how he was after Monday. I give him an 80% better only because we have to go back and do the bridling thing but after feeling how he was under saddle... Just awesome.

Head low, happy to be out and getting brushed. He didn't even shy away when I brushed his neck which made me smile. Kate came out to ride Zoe and they both seemed to have brains so we decided to go for it and hit the trails. The four of us really really needed it. Perfection? Yes.

We were just going to for a quick walk loop but decided f*ck it, these guys need to stretch and boy did they. I don't think I've ever trotted B like that, ever. He stretched out, down and low, so much that I was counting the steps until he broke into a canter to catch up to Zoe but he just got longer. Who are you?! I wish I had a video of it. I don't think I've ever felt this horse trot so happily down the train tracks like that. Perfection. I can't wait to get out there again.

Now that is a face of a tired but happy pony.

On the business side, things are going really well although I kind of wish I had more time to go kickboxing. Hopefully as they get busier and more instructors they'll add more classes I can actually make it to. Chevy is having a blast this week like I posted the other day. Kate brought her kids over and nailed this shot of my boy. She's so amazing.

I can't believe he's going to be 6 in six months. Where does the time go? He's become just this incredible dog and deals with so much but still loves me at the end of the day, every day. He's literally my side-kick almost everywhere I go and that's one of the main reasons I love this job so much. It kills me when I can't take him to an overnight job with me but I know that we can make up the time. Especially now that Brantley and I are out on the trails again. This dog my hate B in the arena but man is he made to follow a horse in the woods. Does not miss a beat ever. I'm so lucky.

Monday, March 7, 2016

99.9% Chance

So the dentist came out for Brantley. The one who came out a few years ago. And man do I feel like crap for not keeping him around. I mean can you blame me? When he came, yes he did an amazing job, but it cost me like $350... So I just tried to keep up with B's teeth on the regular with whoever the farm was using but of course it came back to bite me in the ass this year.

I didn't take pictures of course because I wanted to stay out of the way. The incisor slant that he had when I first got him had grown out even worse than before... Which resulted in him compensating in his chewing... Which resulted in swelling around his TMJ... Which resulted in poll sensitivity... and his neck... and his wither... and lucky that's where it stopped. He's 80% there so the Tooth Fairy will come back in September to finish the job and then I'll just have to make sure to keep up with it. Ugh, I felt so bad but Brantley was a complete superstar. But when is he not?!

Otherwise, business is still going well which is good and I'm saving up to make sure we have money in the bank for pony adventures. Trying my darn-dest to make sure I make time for pony adventures too! That's why I do all of this right? That's why we all work our butts off.

Looks like everyone out there is starting the season right and doing pretty darn well!

Here's some adorable puppy pictures for you guys to start your week off.
A couple days and B and I will be back to work.

I seriously love my dog... And he loves me... And we're a happy family. Tear Drop Winken: March 2016

Tear Drop Winken