Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Snow

Remember that time they cancelled snow because of a likely blizzard that was going to hit and we got maybe a dusting that melted by 1030am? Well let's just say, this "dusting" we got last night sent the state into a downward spiral. I think I saw more cars off the road through out last night than I saw during the actual storm we had a couple of months ago. I'd love to be wrong all the time and still get paid.

I'm really not one to bitch about the weather. I usually just use it as a conversation piece but I honestly don't care. I'll take what I can get because it could always be worse. We had a pretty good year as it is... But then Brantley bolted from me last night when I went to touch him. That was the last straw. When you think you can get away with no consistent work because your pony is "maturing"... You're wrong. It's really putting a damper on other life things like my weight loss plateau with my first vacation around the corner. But like I always say, you just have to keep pushing!

Stress is good for you.

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