Tuesday, May 3, 2016


First thing's first... I bought a truck. It finally happened... Am I in love? Absolutely.

So is this guy.

And this guy.

I've been completely MIA, but at least some of you know I'm alive thanks to Facebook. I just needed a break especially with the "Mystery of Brantley". I've been working my ass off and trying to live a little too... Something I don't do often but I felt like I was really becoming too much of a hermit. Luckily I have a few people in my life that have been helping get me out and about... Examples:

WGHA Girls & Wendy <3
Jack & Jerry
My ILKB BFF - Marina
Morgan & Brantley
Wendy obviously is just amazing in every way and reminds me that it's okay to go out on a weeknight (or even a weekday in my case) and dance the night away... Maybe sing with a band or two as well. Marina got my to get up the guts to run my first 5K which was amazing and I can't wait to do more. I never thought I'd be able to do it and we sprinted in at 32 minutes. Can't wait to beat that next time around. Morgan on the other hand... Got my to book a flight, hotel, and tickets to Orlando... And that's what I've been doing the last 4 days... 

No, I couldn't really afford it but it's been almost 20 years coming that I actually take a vacation. I've been here and there around New England but nothing like this. My first trip to Disney and Universal was when I was 11 with my Dad so I was definitely lucky to experience it the first time let alone the second time. Especially now that I've become a Coaster-Junkie! We weren't planning on hitting Disney but our hotel concierge service called our room and luckily we answered. Why? Because we nailed a one-day hopper pass for all of the parks for almost nothing. Best day ever!

It's been an amazing trip but I will happy to get on a plane and head home tomorrow. I am missing my boys and ready to get back into training for both me and Brantley. 
Chevy & Kay
Napping <3
Mitch & Dad doing... Mitch & Dad stuff
I missed a hunter pace with Wendy this weekend but the B-man has been on the mend so I didn't mind... Plus... Disney. I have been busting my ass and picked up hours at the animal hospital so I really needed the last few days to re-coup.

Pet-sitting... More difficult than it looks.

Alright, down to Brantley business and I'll try to make it short and sweet. So basically I've still been battling some issues that had started last year. Over the last 6 months or so though, things have progressively become worse, mainly being the whole head shy thing. You could actually start to see him having a pain reaction through his head and neck into the wither area. I did bloodwork, chiropractic work, dental work... I thought we were in the clear. Then it just hit rock bottom where even thinking about throwing the saddle on him made him turn into the horse I picked up originally... Scary, I know. He was explosive and I think it took everything he had not to bolt and buck me off. I just couldn't keep waiting...

The vet that came out for bloodwork said that she expected ulcers and that all his symptoms screamed ulcers... Okay, muscle and possible back soreness, plus the attitude change. That I could see... But eating, drinking, coat, cinchy, all the typical signs? I didn't see. I asked to try a round of Doxycycline but she refused because his test for Lyme was negative and they "never see false negatives" and apparently all his other bloodwork looked great...

So, after some research I decided to do a 10-day treatment just to see if there was a change. I know, I know, it's not enough. Already have been told, but with Brantley, I knew he'd tell me.

Well... 5 days in, no change. I ran into a vet I used for Lucky when he got hurt and she had actually come out to see B when he first went into training and thought I could pick her brain, plus get his Round 1 Spring set done. She went over him and agreed that there was something up. There was still swelling in his TMJ area and half way down his neck but she couldn't pinpoint anything. Otherwise he was 100%. I told her what the other vet said and gave me a confused look when I mentioned the Doxy situation. To make this a little more short and sweet, she said #1 we'll try 30-days of Doxy... #2 we'll inject his TMJ.

What do you know. Doxy is working like a charm. Did some research and the TMJ for humans (and they're also finding in dogs) is the 4th most affected joint when it comes to Lyme Disease. Crazy right? Let's just say, can't wait to get back to see my boy. We already have two trail rides down. One with W & E and one solo. Kate visited him the other day for me and sent me a picture.

I have the best friends.

P.S. the Zoe is back in work. Age is but a number @ 27 years!

"I miss you mum!"
Photo credit: Kate Taylor

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