Monday, April 24, 2017

We Have Moved

Oh hey guys...

Sorry to be a pain in the ass but we've moved over to

I hope you still follow us and our adventures!

Just to entice you...

We did something fun this weekend.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Countdown

Oh hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing well. We're handling life okay and I hate taking this long to post but, I'm still climbing my way out of that hole. I do see the light though and I have a couple amazing support straps helping me along the way. Plus, I have some amazing things to look forward to. Can't throw in the towel now right?

B and I have been working super hard in preparation for our first schooling event which is a week from Sunday. Holy crap, I can't believe it. Are we super ready? Probably not... But that's what schooling shows are for, right? And yes, we have to work on our dressage test but we had a really fun time playing dressage pony with Niall!

We actually had a couple of lessons and learned a lot. It was nice to hear some of the compliments we both received about how far we've come since "the beginning". Which if you've been following along, is pretty damn far. 

First ride with WGHA was held at the Carolina Trout Pond and unfortunately, Wendy had to work. But the BO was totally ready for an adventure with her pony so we went together and had a blast. It's hard to find other people to ride with that can handle Brantley and my shenanigans and she held fast. We had a couple nice little gallops through the trails. I can't wait to team up with Wendy again for sure though. I miss riding with her like crazy.

Kate and Wendy both came for a visit the following week and hung out with B and I had a nice little jump school. Not my best but we'll get back into it. Kate's tips really help that's for sure.

We were supposed to have a jump lesson with a trainer in the next state over but unfortunately B and I overdid it just a little bit so we decided to sit out but it was nice to go with the BO and watch her ride. I'm so glad she's also going to compete at the schooling event that's for sure. Tear Drop Winken: April 2017

Tear Drop Winken