Saturday, November 10, 2012

Frustrating Day in Pony Land

I have to remind myself that I can't have a good day with Brantley every day. Especially when it's been at least 3-4 days since I've been able to do anything w him so everything I asked he gave me the, "You want me to do what?" look. But it was suspected and my own fault. Of course people were around watching too and I keep trying to focus on him but then the questions start flooding in. It's okay... I have to learn.

Sometimes I wish I could just do my thing and not worry but seeing other people ride while I'm struggling to teach my horse to walk up to the mounting block without shutting down... It's hard. I know I'll grow for it and become a better horse person but I feel alone. We've been through a lot in separate worlds but it's that trust we have to build again. I wish I could just go away for even a month or 2 weeks and do colt starting boot camp with him. Be with horsemen who understand what's going on and can help me let go so I can help him.

We'll get there. I know it's going to take time. I know I need help. I know I'm going to get frustrated and nothing is perfect. A trainer once said we ruin a horse from the first moment we touch them... Then we spend our lives trying to fix our mistakes. They teach us more than we'll ever teach them if we can just let go.

I just need a cookie :)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Quick 7 Minute Break From Ponies!

Can I just say... COOLEST THING EVER!!!!!
This is why I need to go to Ireland

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Hell of a Monday

Well that was a hell of a Monday. Woke up to the sun out (oh joy, Day Light Savings), and a text message from Ms. Kate. "I fed the horses do you want me to turn them out?" Oh I was so excited. I thought "Yes please! I'll sleep another 20 minutes and go to my other barn job" but I said to myself hey, I'll go help anyway I know she's gotta get to work. Loaded up the dog and tucked myself into my Dri-Duck jacket and off we went. Thought about stopping for a coffee but said no, I'll wait until later. Pulled into the barn and was so excited to see Kate on Lucy in the back ring! I was really jealous and had a Lucky moment and then she spooked and Kate started to slide off the side taking her saddle with her. I panicked and jumped out of the car as Kate fell to the ground and Lucy took off towards me, saddle under her belly. I put my arms out softly, keeping calm like I usually do (I'm weird, I know), but the look in her eyes made it apparent... She didn't know I existed. Stepped out of the way, and walked into the barn as she ran up the driveway. Panicking wasn't going to help anyone... I grabbed a halter, yelled out to Kate to make sure she was okay and once I saw she was standing and breathing and I ran up the driveway, Lucy already out of my sight. 
      I jumped in my buddy's truck and drove down the street that was covered in people speeding to work and school buses. Tried not to think of the worse, just the task at hand. I saw a stirrup and leather on the ground and jumped out of the moving truck and started running till I saw Lucy doing her working thoroughbred walk back towards the barn, saddle and bridle still intact and on her... No broken legs, no smashed cars. Just two old ladies screaming at me and another woman taking a hold of Lucy and reaching for her girth. Who the hell around here knows how to get a saddle off a horse let a lone an upside down saddle. It was my friend Jen who had taken in Brantley before I did. Oh god it was great to see her. I took a hold of Lucy, Kate still far down the road, and starting walking. She pushed forward to walk to the barn and I wasn't going to stop her to try and look at her injuries in traffic. Jen threw Kate's tack in her truck and my buddy followed behind us to slow down traffic (not that it helped). Kate met us half way panicked and in tears. We just kept walking together until we got back to the barn. Prudy came over, we waited for the vet.

     The injury to her left fetlock went straight to my heart. I thought she had burned it right to the bone - Lucky and his joint infection - But I didn't let it get to me because I had to stay calm for Kate and for Lucy. Luckily the injury on her left front wasn't a fracture and her back leg was only down to her muscle and she tore a piece above her stifle. All in all, she was going to be just fine. Stall rest and lots of meds. I had left over antibiotics from LB I was trying to pass off or donate, definitely glad I held on to them!

     I feel awful because Kate's been working so hard to get ready for the Equine Affaire and now she can't bring Lucy but I was happy to hear that her and her friend Lauren were still going to go now that she knows Lucy's going to be okay. Very happy about that. Maybe it's an omen and they weren't supposed to go. Then I find out about the "storm" headed our way... Oh god, not another one!

     I thought a lot about Lucky yesterday after everything calmed down and we knew Lucy and Kate (although very sore) were going to be fine. It's crazy how things like this can happen and we always come back for more. Who decides who stays and goes? Lucy and Lucky were well taken care of, loved, and adored by everyone. Yeah they had their issues here and there but that's why we loved them so much. There are so many horses out there that are beaten, abused, starved, hated, and just miserable. Why our guys?

(Please bare with my horrible riding and skinny thoroughbred... I was 15-16 when these videos were taken and that's all I had...)

Lesson with Emma, introduction to longer stirrups. Kid looked great! She's used to riding hunter/jumpers with short little stirrups on the go go go ponies. Kid is a more like F*ck You I Ain't Movin' kind of pony. He did a lot better once she could get his legs around her.
Later that night? Halo 4 Midnight Release at GameStop. No, I'm not really a gamer... But yes, I am one hell of a big sister. We got there at 1030 and left at 1215am. Mason's been playing ever since. Crazy!!!

     Brantley was introduced to a quarter sheet last night. After bucking and crow-hopping and trying to run away (so glad I get to use a round pen). I finally got him to slow down, think about it and just walk without shutting down. YAY PONY!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

After Hurricane Clean Up

I'm a little behind on my posting but I haven't had a chance to work with Mr. B in a few days! Hurricane and all. Here are our ponies nice and warm - Pretty, Brantley, Lucy, and Kid. We all survived Sandy with minimal damage at the barn. Mainly just leaves and such but still a long day of clean up but couldn't wait to get back on track. 

Chevy spent most of the day with me going from barn to barn. He was tired at the end of the day! Long walk with Mason my brother at Wilson Park. He made some new friends and had a blast!
That left Dad the day to work on his new project and favorite toy... Wood pellet stove. So far we're already saving money on oil. Very excited. This means showers with HOT water!
Last night and tonite I spent some time with Brantley. We worked in the indoor for over an hour with our circles (quality) - and then throwing the rope over the saddle while he walked forward. I tried to be really careful to catch him before he shut down. I caught him a majority of the time but he still had a few moments. Practice practice practice. Focus on the quality and feel of the exercises and not the quantity and just going through the motions. We're working on it! We also worked on the motions of the stirrups and he did really well. I start to question myself sometimes if I'm doing things correctly but for the steps that I'm taking, I have to keep up my confidence. If I lose that, I'll start to break down again. Mounting block was a piece of cake! Still have to write my letter to Brent. I think I want to meet with the girls from the clinic and go over a few things first though. Kate's coming with me so it should be good.

As for riding, Ms. Kate let me ride Lucy! It was pouring out but we had a blast. I had to experiment with my aids and getting louder vs. staying as soft as I am. It's what she is used to. I really had a great ride and a lot of fun. Definitely set my head back on straight.

Do you ever feel like you lose your mind a little more every day you don't ride?

I started to ride Kid again for Deb because he was getting a little too overly snotty. Excellent ride yesterday and just went through different exercises. No fight, no fuss. Tonight was a different story. Completely different horse. I had my brother come and ride him and I tried to work Brantley... Kid with another horse, not a good idea. He's worked so long without other horses around that I think he's become socially awkward. Problem is he wants to pull you to the other horse... And then once he gets to the other horse (if you let him), he throws a fit because the horse is near him. I switched places and got on him and I think we worked through it. Obviously issue is not solved but it was a step and we landed on a good note! Until tomorrow! Tear Drop Winken: November 2012

Tear Drop Winken