Friday, September 27, 2013

Work, Gym, and Jumping 101

All work and no play makes me really really depressed. But getting back on my feet lately has been easier. I've decided that there are definitely some things I need to get taken care of when it comes to myself and my mental self. My coping skills are basically non-existent so dealing with things have always been an issue especially in the mental stability department. Long story short, I'm just as unstable as the next person. Growing up I wasn't really offered things like meds and doctors, I kind of just had to figure it out myself which is why Lucky was so important to me. He was my constant. Now that Brantley is in shape and we're having an amazing time together, I thought maybe it would help. But instead I think I've finally broken and I've fought long and hard alone and definitely need to get it together. One of my biggest things has always been my self-image and a couple of years ago between work and school I was able to gym it plus take care of 10-20 horses a day. I was in the best shape of my life and riding non-stop and felt AMAZING. I decided the other day that it was time to get back there so I got a gym membership. *crosses fingers* I hope I can stick with it, especially now that I have a friend to hold me accountable for it. Also, in a discussion with a very close friend I decided professional help is in my future. I'm still not crazy about the meds thing but if talking to someone could better me and help me with my relationship with Brantley... I'm in.

ANYWAY! Enough about me, Brantley has decided jumping is definitely in his future. As in, the next couple of weeks. I have videos and pictures Kate took to post and of Emma riding him the other day. Poles were a breeze, "circle of death/hell" whatever she called it... We'll work on it. He was really good at listening and letting me set his pace and his steps, but we really need to get on board with this bit thing. The other day I rode and I just asked way too much from him so today I took a step back and went step by step. Can't get ahead of myself with him, no matter how excited I get or how well he is doing. That's all I need is to rush him and set him back instead of set him up for success. We'll get there, maybe we'll take the eventing world by storm next year... As total noobs... We both need a good trail ride.

Rode Pretty today... She was a tool. But that's what I love about her.

I think that's it. I'll post pictures. Trail ride next Sunday at the park. I even think I have a ride...

And October is coming and PA is getting closer and closer.

Did I mention the Equine Affaire in November?

I love this job.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Show Pictures!

Try the Canter class - Kate Taylor

Can't believe how long his tale has gotten! - Kate Taylor
Gigi's WTC Open - Bonnie Mudge
Love this. - Joyce Bastien
My Proudest Moment - Kate Taylor
The Line Up, bay mare on the end is Jewels, Brantley's sister!

Our confusing halter class.
Unsure of the tent. 
Trail class with Gigi

Lookin' sexy! 
Best picture of all, minus me. Now THAT my friends, is a headshot. - Kate Taylor

Monday, September 16, 2013

The First Show

This post as been way way overdue.

Can I just tell you, I haven't cried like that since Kate helped me get on Brantley that first time in the indoor. At least I waited until the class was over and I jumped off my horse. 

After my concussion and then back injury and Brantley's abscesses (yes, there turned out to be more than one), things came together and resolved so well that I knew this show was meant to be. Friday night we had a sleep over at Cherry Croft and a bright and early Saturday morning. I have to say that I do miss my pre-show sleep overs with the Tavern girls. Up before dark, shower, yes I spent time on make up, hair, quick run to Allie's Donuts, then to the barn to feed the girls. Bonnie picked me up and brought me down to CC, pony warm and clean in a stall across from Kid. They loaded up Gigi and Kid and drove over to the show which was right down the street. I brushed off Brantley and cleaned his stall, loaded up, and we made our way.

It was an amazing turn out and an amazing facility. I remember the owner coming into Allie's to buy stuff when she first got it but I didn't even imagine. Indoor with stalls attached, awesome outdoor, fields and fields of turn out, and a trail course. Oh, did I mention the round pen? It was great, definitely wish I lived closer.

I was a little anxious especially not really having a lifeline but of course, when I always need her, Kate to save the day! I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have her there, my Dad was away with work which was fine and well, my Mom... is my Mom. Another pony friend came with her son and they cheered me on. It was just what I needed, plus, Kate took all the pictures <3

Brantley and I did the halter class (I've never done this before), and we made it work. The judge was impressed with him and his attitude, but he wouldn't trot back and I didn't braid him. 43/50 points? I'll take that! The main reason I did it was because I wanted him to see the tent and where the announcer was and you could only warm up in the indoor.

I helped tack up Gigi after the class and just had enough time to tack up and take a quick walk around the indoor before our Green Horse class was called. Luckily they didn't split up the class so it was 5 in the first two and then 3 for the Try the Canter, one right after the other.

Can I just say... Wow... Brantley was so well behaved and straight headed. There was one moment he sped up with his head up and those crazy eyes (headed right towards the judge). I saw a piece of paper had blown into the ring, later found out... It came out of my back pocket. GREAT!

We had an all around great day and Deb and Bonnie both placed very well. I did a few classes on Gigi and placed 1st in all. I still have never placed 1st on my own horse but I can tell you now, it didn't matter if I placed or not. Brantley was a gentleman. Relaxed, brave, sweet, and we seriously took a giant step and proved everyone and anyone who said it couldn't be done wrong.

Since then he's had back shoes put on and we're back out on the trails. Gave Mason a pony ride the other day after he rode his bike out on the trail with us. Finally went out on a well needed ride with the barn owner and her horse. First time over the bridges for her and first time out in the field with us. 2 hours later, it was a success. Rode in the outdoor w/t/c yesterday. Couldn't be better!

Started Lucy up for Kate again, just walking long and low. She's been very good and very quiet for me even with other people galavanting around the ring. We did a little bit of trotting but the more time you take, the less time it'll take to fix. I'm glad she asked me to help, honored even. Lucy is a great horse and K is an even better friend. Anyway I can make it so K can enjoy Lucy when she's ready? I'm down.

Quick nap before going back to work... I'm sick again YAY! And scratched my cornea so glasses all week and no contacts. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It never ends. Outside of ponies I'm a mess, I really need to get my shit together... PA in October is definitely needed!

Pictures to come.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And We're Right Back on Track!

Finally made it to the chiropractor after the long weekend working in boarding. My left hip was 2" higher than my right hip. His comment was, "Holy... How the hell did you do this?" My response, "I sneezed, 3 times." You know you're out of shape and getting tubby when... I felt so much better than I did during my 4 hour shift in surgery, good thing it was mainly feline dentals, KILL ME! I decided to not call out of my second shift and go to work, not that there was much to do during our power outage. Fun times at NAH! Anyone got a flashlight so I can draw a 3cc syringe out of this border collie's black leg? Thanks...

So today was my day off and because of K being deathly ill, Kubby (K+hubby... hahaha, I'm so NOT witty) decided that he'd show up at 530am to feed ponies (today and yesterday), then text me as I was getting dressed or in my car to drive over to feed. He cleaned stalls too which was sweet of him (that lucky girl). But after two days of not getting up at 5 to go and feed ponies and nuzzle faces and hear their morning nickers... I have a complex. So I texted him and said thank you thank you thank you, but spend your day off tomorrow taking care of your wifey and I'll do ponies. I told K and she laughed, I wasn't trying to be mean, I did kind of enjoy sleeping until 830 this AM but it's just you know... I'm a routine kind of girl and if I don't get my morning kisses it's not the same! <3

After I made it to the barn to finish up some stuff and throw some hay, I grabbed the pup and headed down to Cherry Croft to have lunch with the Ol' Girls and their ponies. I got to see my pony-kids and give them kisses as they were being seen by my old vet who put LB down two years ago. We talked about it a little and it was really nice to see him. Had lunch, talked to CB and the BO a bit about Brantley and his abscess... And my concussion, then took some video of Gigi cantering around. She's getting to be such a nice horse!

The big conversation of the day was about the upcoming Open Schooling show at a the County Stables down by CC. Deb had seen the flyer at Melody when she came by a couple of weeks ago and her and Bon got together and decided to do Adult W/T with the kids. I had requested the day off to take B but with recent events and him still being lame I decided that I would just focus on the children and be a groom. That's until Bon got this whole idea together that if I went and rode B today (which I haven't ridden in probably a month now) and he was good, they'd pick him up Friday and he'd spend the night at CC then they'd take two trips and bring him to the show.

Lo 'n behold...

Look who feels great today! W/T/C with a bit and his new breastplate <3 K.

Apparently while we were all sick and dying and broken... Brantley blew another small abscess (same foot) in his frog while out and about in his paddock. Go figure? No wrapping, icky-icthammol, diaper-wrapping bullshit needed. He felt great, lazy, but great.

Green Horse Open?!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Trip 2 the Dog Park!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm jealous but happy for everyone's conquests and goals they have been reaching! I have yet been able to upload pictures but I will as soon as I can! Took 3 dogs to the dog park the other day, bad idea? Maybe... But I'd do it again. Offered to K to take her pup out with Chevy and Sam. Loved it! Met up with a friend and his dog Cali. I think Cali had the best time out of all.

As I thought and hoped and prayed for, B's injury was an abscess. Yippee! I have to post pictures of that too. I'm so far behind. I wrapped it for a few days and finally got the okay to ride from my brain and his lack of a limp. First ride the other day we just walked, I tried a jog but he was a bit off. Went to ride the next day and decided to start with Pretty again since I had the day off. I sneezed after I tacked up and my back seized, thinking I could work it out, I got on anyway... Another bad idea... It's been 2-3 days and I can finally walk but I'm crooked. My hips stick out the left while the rest of my body is straight. Of course with my luck it's Labor Day weekend and my dreams of an empty house and a fire pit were dumped on.

I'm living vicariously through everyone's posts though but my coping skill is riding so all the stress I'm working with is getting "fixed" with a fork and knife, maybe a spoon. The weight I've put on... Probably is the reason I hurt myself again.

My body is my job, my job is my body... Take care if it, it will take care of me. Tear Drop Winken: September 2013

Tear Drop Winken