Monday, January 19, 2015

Ben & Brantley Video

Video from today! Brantley did awesome. Really not surprised! In this video you'll see those small serpentines that I rave about all the time. It gets the horse to really get a bend, follow his nose, flex in his hips, and learn to pick up his shoulders in the turn...

Plus it's just a really good exercise if your horse tends to be a little quick and not able to find his/her feet. I recommend everyone giving it a try. The point is to get the horse's rib to respond and bend around your leg while following the circle starting from their nose. You get the horse walking out, keep one hand at the buckle, slide your hand down, and point their nose. Before they start to go straight again, slide the opposite hand down after returning back to the buckle and repeat.

It's an awesome reset button and way to keep your horse's mind on you. If you try it! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Growing Some Confidence

My confidence, we already know, has been a little shot lately. But I have a pretty set plan to get it back involving getting myself back out there to exercise some horses around the state. I just heard and I start this week down in Exeter. Excited? Me? No way *squeal* I know for a fact that getting this ride time before Brantley comes home is going to help.

Brantley... Has also been lacking a bit of confidence and seems to start his training rides pretty braced and nervous. The good news is, he's easy to get his shit together with CB. He's been expecting more for B and being a little more aggressive in his approach to desensitizing which he really needs. I am so nonchalant about it all because we have a thing... He trusts me... So it's good to see him out with another person more than just A and Ms. K. Things are looking good though and since he's there for the rest of the month, may as well take advantage!

And I love seeing him lope around in a halter and lead rope <3

I also got to visit Amanda and Comic again today (who is looking pretty damn sexy - I know I've already said that though). I got to bounce around him on a bit and did pretty well walk/trot, but was a little heavier in the canter. You wouldn't think 2 months would do this much damage... Ugh.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some Cuddle Time

Haven't seen Mr. B since Tuesday afternoon but apparently he's been doing pretty well... The text I received today was, "Giving the horses the day off because it's pretty miserable. Worked on w/t/c both directions yesterday." I'm pretty okay with that... But I know when I finally get to ride my horse, we'll be doing a whole lot more than walk, trot, canter in both directions. I really just need to Cowgirl Up and GTFO (Get the F*ck On)...

**Luckily I have some other riding opportunities that're coming up which will get my confidence back up. Something that I definitely need.**

Yes, I admit it. My confidence level? ZERO! I'm like... Me? Saddle? It's only been a few months but I guess Brantley and I have the same, "We won't stop." mentality. Sucks... No indoor was a bad idea, but we've got this! I have faith... No confidence... But faith <3

I showed up to the barn and took B for a 30 minute hand-walk through the trails and then we played a bit in the indoor. He had given CB a hard time going over the bridge... But with me he walked right on... Followed me over, let me send him over, back him over, side step over... Love him!

Then I stood in the middle of the ring a burrowed my face in that spot where his neck ends and his shoulders begin. I think I stood like that and scratched his girth area for 10-15 minutes... I wouldn't have stopped if the temperature hadn't of dropped 10* in those 10-15 minutes and my hands weren't turned white. He started to get a little chilly too so we walked over to his blanket and I tossed it back on.

Tomorrow and Monday off... Riding? I sure hope so!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CB & Brantley Pictures

Must start off with this...
If you like psycho horror films...
"The Babadook" is a must see.

Baba dook - dook - DOOK
Yesterday I made it down for a quick get together with CB and Brantley. It was getting cold pretty fast so he opted to not ride due to the fact he didn't have time to pick a battle and finish it. I would love to say that I know B would've been fine... But then again... He's a momma's boy. I took some pictures and video so since I would love to avoid writing about the pet-sitting drama I've been involved with the last couple of days, I will post those instead!

CB went through exercises that he has been working on the last couple days.
One of them being desensitizing B to having the stick run up under his rear cinch area.
You can tell by the look on his face... He wasn't a fan at first.

Say whhaaattt?
No no no no...

Okay, maybe if I hold my breath.
Alright... Maybe that's not too bad.
I made sure to let CB know the games B tends to play with new players.
Like the, you can't touch me games he plays with the BM.

No no no... Those are mommy's ears.
When I posted this on Facebook Ms. Kate replied with, "It looked cool when Lucy did it!"

Oh yes... Touch me there...
Come at me bra!
Oh wait... Rubs...
 So this was the barrel sending exercise that I was talking about.
Brantley didn't try to look for the cross-rails this time.
The first time he went through he tried to jump it like there was something there...
Then he realized there wasn't and kind of felt like an idiot.

Oh yeah, I got this.
Oh it touched me!
Yeah yeah yeah, I'm bored.
So then it was time for the bridge which is a little less narrow than ours, but still... It's bridge.
You'd think he'd go right over right?
Nope... B, you're making mom look bad...

You're kidding right?
Is it safe?
I give up... Can I have dinner now?
Ah yes... Good job hooman.
Below is a video of Brantley partaking in his... Well probably favorite exercise.
He really likes when he gets to spin around and get sent off but he started doing it on auto-mode.
It's getting him to relax, drop his head, but still have some pressure on him.
You can see him licking, chewing, and yawning. Taking it all in... Love him.

It was a good brain work out for him. His new saying is, "I may not sweat, but my brain sure does." only because he is so goddamn fit... I'm such a fatty... Anyway! CB said he'd try to ride him twice today and let me know how it went. No messages yet... Hopefully I'll hear tomorrow. I'm sure Brantley was fine and happy to get back under saddle. Unfortunately I won't see him until Saturday afternoon which kind of blows but... Work work work! Have to pay for this some how!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to Work

Rushed out of work Saturday afternoon to meet Wendy. Brantley had no idea what he was in for. I quickly bagged up some grain, threw it in a box with some blanket stuff, and then when out for him. He nuzzled my pockets looking for his cookies but after having no luck he dropped his head into the halter. Something I really love about him. Even if he's having a meltdown or doesn't want to stand still, the moment I put my hands out with his halter, he's mine.

He looked into the trailer and flicked his tail excited to see Elijah, but to his dismay (or so I thought) he didn't see him. Instead he walked right into the trailer as if to say, "YAY! I get the good spot." I didn't bother putting a hay net in since it was a 20 minute ride he's made a million times.

When we arrived at Cherry Croft, Brantley launched out of the side ramp and looked around like he was looking for his old friends. He had a quiet look in his eyes and dropped his head into my hand like he was ready for whatever came next.

We walked around the indoor with W for a bit, said hi to a couple of friends. Had an interesting conversation about board with the "assistant barn manager" I guess you could say. There was a little confusion on what B and I were doing there apparently, but over the next 24 hours, all was well figured out.

I sent CB a message saying that Brantley was all cozy in his stall and will be happy to get back to work the next day. Previously I had contacted him about working with B-man and tried to make it clear... He's going to f*ck with you. He's going to say, "I'm scared." or "I've never done this before." But it's complete b.s. I went over all that we've accomplished over the last year and why I brought him back.



I went down in the morning, (luckily I picked the week it was going to be at least in the 20s or higher. Go me!) took off his blanket liner, and caught up with a couple of more boarders. After I ran my pet-sitting errands I headed back down to watch CB work with him.

They put Brantley in the outdoor so when he saw me pull up he came right to the gate which made me feel great. At least I know he's not unhappy to be back. I haltered him and headed to the indoor.

CB wanted to watch me work with him at first, go over our usual ground work routine I guess. First time he's done that which was nice because I could show him that I'm not crazy when I say, "He knows this." I sent him around me and got him to really move out at the walk and bend around me with his nose towards me. We swapped directions and once I knew he was in school mode I asked him to pick up a trot, then a lope. We worked on disengaging his hind end and then sending him off. I went up and down the ring a couple times sending him side to side like little half circles, pushing his shoulders and getting him to sit under himself. Then we ended with turns on the hindend/forehand.

Once warmed up, CB took over and tacked him right up. Of course, like usual, B kind of braced up, but as they worked together, he started to remember who this Cowboy guy was. He started to chew, drop his head, relax his ears, and breathe.

After working for a bit he set up 3 barrels and sent B through them as if to spiral him in and out. Brantley kept looking for the cross-rail but then he finally got it. Unfortunately I totally forgot my media bag but I'll make up for it!

Oh! I forgot to mention, my Dad's girlfriend came by to watch which was pretty great... She asked questions and seemed legitimately interested in what was happening.

Here's a clip of CB sending B off... And his pup Dish giving him a little help.

Today CB went over some of the same stuff and then focused on lateral softness. Unfortunately being a slave to my job grown up, I had to work, but he said that he was a bit braced up but not too bad. I've got tomorrow off so hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures or videos.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Mother Nature sounds vvveeerrryyy angry right now.
Or maybe Elsa got her period. CRAMPS!

Sh*t is coooollllddd! And the wind is just non-stop.
Legit sounds like there will be trees that will lose the fight tonight!

So what am I doing to get through the night?
Other than thinking that I'd love to wake up tomorrow and be able to do this...

Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@madelinec64 - yes I do that), and Google+
Tag, tag, tag, and hashtag!

Worked a split today and met with Deb to go over pet-care for her trip next week. Chevy got to play with his new friend Warren (who apparently hates other dogs) and then we got pizza. I couldn't leave him at D's so he sat in the car... But don't worry, he was warm...

"Really Mom?"
His legs fit perfectly in the sleeves and he was willing. 
Pizza guy thought he was adorable. Why wouldn't he though? I mean... He is.

We then went to go see the B-man who was rocking his heavyweight but unfortunately, I was lucky enough to buy it for $40, but wasn't lucky enough to get it with D-rings I could attach a hood to. The temperature started to drop and wind picked up so I tried to make things easy for the BM and put his liner on. He appreciated it and snuggled up to me. What he did not appreciate was me zapping him in the nose... Cheap gloves. Not okay. He did a mini rear and when I said sorry he gave me that look like, "It's okay..." Of course after that I zapped him again. He settled but just looked annoyed. 

Sorry pony...
I got home early enough to take Chevy for a good 30 minute walk seeing as we probably wouldn't be able to front the cold tomorrow. Hope the pony is staying in his stall and curled up in that extra bag of shavings... Kind of wish I could put a door on his stall but I'm sure the BM took a little extra care of him tonight. Can't wait to drop him off Saturday!!!!

Loving my BoT ankle brace!
Other good news! My ankle swelling has gone down and it feels great!
Brantley got BoT Quick Wraps for Christmas (yes, front and back), so I thought, "Why not me?!"
Looooove it.

Puppy is a little obsessed.

Anyone use the Timehop app?
At first I fought it and thought it was dumb until this...
A year ago today I was loping around the indoor at Melody Farm... In below zero temps.
Bad ass? I think so.
And Brantley loved it!

Hope everyone stays warm and safe tonight!
Enjoy this video!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Riding Kid

So yeah... Deb texted me and asked if I wanted to come ride Kid this morning. I thought to myself, I really need to get back on... Like bad. Jump on Kid? Hell yeah! Off I went to Morning Star. Brought my saddle along and tacked up. Decided to hop on him with a rope halter and lead rope seeing as he's been in training with a small shank bit and I didn't want to screw anything up. That didn't last. Deb threw in his snaffle bit and we plodded along...

I was a MESS. My legs were everywhere and he knew it. He took complete advantage of the fact that in that moment... I didn't know what the f@#* I was doing. It was a little heartbreaking seeing as I was remembering all the horses that I rode and trained in that arena during the reign of LB. Crazy Girl and Lucky Boy. There wasn't anything we couldn't do... And now that Crazy Girl can't even bop around on a western pleasure pony.

We finally got around and I just loped him since that's one thing I know I can do right. Drop the reins and just go. Soooo... I'm thinking that I may drop some cash and take some rides with Marissa (Kid's new trainer) and try to get back on the bus.

In the end hough... I was really happy to get back in the saddle. It really helped to give me a good look at where I'm at entering the beginning of this year. I have a lot to work on when it comes to myself and luckily I have an awesome support system to get me there! Tear Drop Winken: January 2015

Tear Drop Winken