Thursday, February 26, 2015

3 Weeks to Go?

This is Beaker...

He's been keeping me company for the last couple of weeks...

In between all my pet sitting...

Where the dogs sleep more than I do...

And this is kind of how I've been feeling...

I'm living vicariously through all of those who are enjoying their ponies and starting to get through their 2015 Goals and Adventures. Trying to get in my brain that it's not going to take much to get Brantley going again but... Then I see him staring at me... From his stall... Curled up in his heavy weight and hood... Munching on hay.

... Look look look! I'm the ground hog! MORE SNOW!
At least I'm fully booked for pet-sitting up until April... And still have to get through my 40/hr week job... But I miss my pony. I miss my adventures with my pony friends. Indoor next year? Yes please!!

Friday, February 20, 2015


They keep teasing us with warm weather and then BAM! Subzero temps after wind chill.
I'm talking -15*...
I think Alaska is warmer than we are and Colorado definitely has less snow than we do.
The woman I'm pet-sitting for is there right now and she sent me this pic...

This is Rhode Island...

My friend Wendy's place.
I feel like there is something wrong with this picture don't you?? Really having a hard time with this not riding thing but I'm going to play with a couple of horses this weekend and I definitely think that'll help tremendously with what I've been feeling lately.

Still pretty book for pet-sitting but other than riding come Spring, I have something absolutely amazing that I'm looking forward to come May... Ready??

Can anyone guess??

Ummm... How about now?!

I am very excited about this and I am so hoping that everything goes according to plan.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Big Plans

I've mapped out month by month of what I want to do and where I want to go with Brantley this year. All I know if that I've learned my lesson that neither of are ready to not have an indoor for the winter... I kind of feel like if I were to get on right now, it'd look something like this:

I know that's pretty far off of what it would actually be, but it still gave you a laugh I hope. Brantley is actually enjoying our bonding time and CB had a pretty easy time with him when he was at Cherry Croft so I hope it's just as easy or easier for me.

We definitely missed each other.

Instead of worry about Mr. B and keeping his brain and body in shape (because I don't think his body can get more in shape right now), I'm trying to get myself there instead. Having a really hard time at work lately which doesn't help at all. Thinking maybe it's time to move on... But I did finally hook up with an old friend who is a Beach Body coach and does the Shakeology stuff. Now, I'd love to just put time aside and try to eat better and clean and all that stuff... But I fail and I don't try hard enough. Plus I don't know where I am half the time so prepping my life has become a one day at a time thing. And now that I'm booked for pet-sitting until mid-April (YAY $$$), it's a little harder. BUT I have houses to myself and can work out as much as I want plus the shakes are A) Delcious and B) Puts a stop to Dunkin Donuts runs!.

Thinking about becoming a coach if I'm successful, if anyone is interested.
Plus, I went GroupOn crazy and ended up a member of an gym.                                           BOOOYAHH!                                        Exactly what I need:

                                     Beats going to the gym with no game plan... 
And the coaches are amazing and supportive and push, push, push!

                Another awesome thing?
                                 Dad's girlfriend is moving in.

She is absolutely amazing in every way. She is supportive. She's independent. She lives a healthy and active lifestyle. And she loves my Dad...
                       Plus, she's an amazing cook and has offered to help me really reach my goals.

                And the house is starting to look homey for the first time since we moved in... 6 years ago.

I just want to be good enough for Chevy, Brantley, and ultimately, myself. I put my health to the wayside too much and it's really starting to affect me in a way that I don't like...

                                                  But no fear... We've got this.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Let It Snow. Let It Snow. Let It... Okay stop.


I can't complain though... I mean I am a New Englander so it's just built into my system. You either freak out and stock up on milk and bread... Or you just say, whatever, I got a 4x4. Being sent home from work and missing hours sucks though.

Sorry I've been gone so long.

Brantley made it home safe and sound from Cherry Croft. CB got some work done but it was time to bring the boy home. Plus it was getting expensive and he's happier at home anyway. They had some pretty awesome rides together though. Of course so I could afford to have him there I worked my butt as much as I could so I didn't get to ride. Was planning on staying for February but... It snowed more and a lot of the field/rough boarders wanted to go full board so they needed the stall.

Buddy the Cat
I'm fully booked for pet-sitting from January 31st to about April. I'm okay with that. Especially because most of the jobs I can keep the boy with me. Stay with a couple of cats this past week and got to wake up to this view every morning...

Yes that's more snow.
We're supposed to get more snow this weekend so I was going to grow some balls and hop on B in his blanket and halter, but then temperatures decided to drop to like -10* after wind chill and freeze whatever was already on the ground. He had an incident already slipping on the ice (which Ciara from Primitive Equine solved immediately) so I'd rather not put either of us in jeopardy.

So much planned come Spring so I've got to bust my ass now!!!!!!!!!!! Hope all is well in pony land.

Missed everyone! Tear Drop Winken: February 2015

Tear Drop Winken