Saturday, December 17, 2016

Super Exciting

Things have been pretty quiet on the pony front but not so quiet on the work front. Chevy and I have been super busy running around while clients do their December-thing. I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping, just have to ship out a couple of things on Monday (Yes! Secret Santa Blogger! Your gift is on the way I swear!) - It's kind of like whatever downtime I have I sleep... or get some definitely need friend time.

Kate and I had a dinner/movie date with the kids.
Hannah was there, she was sleeping at this point though.

And then last night I got to grab drinks with Wendy and Grasa at our favorite place!
Yes... This is a carving at our favorite place.
It makes me giggle too...

We had a couple of really late nights and I'm so jealous that he gets to sleep while I drive. Somehow, this is not completely fair... But he's just so adorable so I let it go for sure. Luckily I've been staying at houses where he can come and snuggle with me so things aren't too lonely. I haven't been able to ride or spend much time with Brantley so my brain is definitely on the sensitive side... I need a fix.

We're just adorable <3

So Chevy is definitely a scavenger and likes to find an grain pieces left over that are available to consume... I heard a commotion and my first thought was that he got his tongue frozen to the bottom of the bucket. I hurried over and as I got closer I realized... The above. So obvious I started to laugh and he stopped panicking like, "Oh... You're laughing... Great..." and I took a snapshot. Poor dog.

He puts up with a lot from me... But sometimes I feel like he loves it.
I mean seriously... What dog is okay with this?

Mine... My dog... #flawless

Monday, December 12, 2016

Strides for Success Christmas Challenge

I don't know about any of you, but I feel like part of me definitely feels like the above picture. The part of me that doesn't feel that way is definitely my horse side. I've definitely accomplished some pretty awesome things in the last year with my pony friends and I couldn't be happier about it. Now as it gets closer to 2017, I'm ready to start with a bang. 

The plan is to actually move back to Melody Farm and take advantage of the indoor for a few months! Especially because I've signed up for a couple of super awesome clinics that I can't wait for and have already talked to a trainer to work with through the winter... Where am I finding all this money? I haven't really found it yet but, it'll all work out right? I need to take advantage of the point that I'm not paying rent right now... I should save... But ponies.

Over the last couple of years I kept getting drawn to a website called which I'm not sure if you've heard about it (most of you may have because you're way more on the pony-ball than I am) but it's basically a site you can join and listen to audio riding lessons. I kept thinking... Well this is dumb... Can I really learn anything by just... Listening and not watching? Luckily, they are doing a 12 Day Christmas Challenge which comes with a free trial of the audio lessons! 

Thank you.

Today was Day 1 for me (it's not too late to join in!) and we had to pick a picture and a word that described 2016 for you and your horse. So I picked the super awesome shot Kate got at the Sinead Halpin clinic down in New Jersey and my word was #inspired.

Our relationship of 2016 and everything that we have experienced has definitely inspired what we're working towards in 2017, and I can't wait! 

In return for joining the #SFS12DaysofChristmas Challenge, I get to listen to this week's lesson... Which I did... And I took notes. Yes, I took notes. On a piece of paper... And although it was a lot of stuff I already knew, it was great to listen to and I was actually able to pick apart what I do wrong without even being on my horse. It was pretty great to just sit and concentrate one what she was saying instead of trying to ride, listen, and fix the issues... while your horse might just go bucking and bolting across the arena.

(Not that I would trade it for anything, but it's definitely cheaper!)

The first audio lesson lasted about 15 minutes but the whole week (marked Monday thru Friday) is available to you. I like that she portions them like that though. Then there's a checklist and a notepad you can type in and it will keep it filed for you in your account which is also pretty cool.

This week's lesson is on "Riding Straight through Transitions". The first lesson went through the things that a rider may lose as soon as the trainer says, "Okay, I want you to transition up into the canter... in the corner." She discusses riders being unable to relax therefore causing parts of the body to tense and not allowing the transition to just... happen. Sometimes causing the inability to keep contact, lose impulsion, and ultimately straightness, balance, and confidence.

I would definitely check it out, we'll see what tomorrow's lesson brings. It's something to do on a crappy, rainy, cold day that's for sure. Plus she has an accent so it kept my attention for sure... I tend to fidget a lot with Brantley these days especially in our transitions so he tends to run out in front of me and things completely fall apart. Mostly it's just me overthinking and just not riding.

Hoping everyone had an amazing weekend, hopefully I will get to ride in the upcoming days before the weekend. Oh the Holidays! #petsittinglife

Monday, December 5, 2016


I really wanted to do a Christmas List post, but #imsolucky seems like a better post title for the beginning of this week. This horse... I just, can't deal sometimes with how awesome he is even when he's a jerk.

He's got this new thing where he decides that he politely wants to trip into the canter from the trot and it feels like a huuuugge lame step, but then he'll decide, "Fine... I'll trot" and feel perfect. We have been a little stuck and sucked back in the arena but he definitely needs a trim to get balanced anyway so I'm not too worried. Plus, I'm sure he misses his consistent pony adventures with friends.

Sunday was a work free day and I couldn't have been more excited to go out on an adventure. Unfortunately, Wendy had Sunday Christmas plans to go tree-hunting and obviously, that's super important this time of year. So that left Brantley and I fend for ourselves, or so I thought.

Brantley and I had that one "beach" experience and it went... Okay... But we needed to go to an actual beach, which we did. Grasa showed up, B jumped on her trailer, and away we went! I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be and got right in the saddle. We had an amazing time and walked the whole beach. Her mare unfortunately was missing a shoe so she took another mare who also had never been so we took it slow.

We came upon what we originally thought was a giant piece of driftwood from afar... But wow were we wrong. It was sad to see him there with the propeller marks in his back, but absolutely incredible to see the size. Could you imagine how old he was?

B was definitely more interested in the Wrangler wheeling down the beach... As was I...

And the drivers graciously took our picture. Classic Brantley face.

We cruised the rest of the beach on a loose rein and he finally was okay with me reaching in and pulling my phone out of my bra to take a "between the ears" shot and a few others as we headed down to the body of water on the other side which was quieter and a bit warmer.

Great chance for some photo-ops!

We're so cute!

I planned on posting yesterday and try to keep up with Sunday being TWD and Blogger day - but that didn't happen. Luckily not because we had just as much of an amazing ride today. It was supposed to snow and then rain all day so I had my mind set that riding wasn't an option, until the sun peeped out from behind the clouds. GAME ON! I grabbed my English tack and my horse and said, "We're going for a gallop." He seemed totally game so we walked out to the back field where we mount up and head out but my brain got in the way.

I stood up on the mounting block and my whole body started to shake and I felt the anxious sweat start. And then my heart... I could feel it pulsing through my hands and my legs got weak. Why? Why does this happen? In my heart I knew that we were fine and I just needed to get on, but my body screamed danger. PTSD... The longer I took to get on, the quieter B got. He moved closer to the mounting block as if to say, "Just get on Mom, we're okay." So I did... And we were... And my heart slowed down to a normal pace as soon as my butt hit the saddle.

What followed was an absolutely incredible ride ... My favorite place with my favorite horse.

We galloped through the field, ran into nervous loose dogs, and a mountain biker that had no clue. Not once did he flinch or get worried, just kept going. He listened to my half-halts and kept an amazing pace through the power lines even after powering up the rocky hill... I won't lie to you, I cried... Because that's what I do when we get that connection.

I hopped off and walked him home in the dark just completely content with life.

Way to take on a Monday right? Tear Drop Winken: December 2016

Tear Drop Winken